Rarely see Black MC pieces...Anyone else?

  1. I was just wondering if you "ever" see people carrying black multicolore pieces??

    I never do. It's RARE. Yesterday my DH said he saw a woman w/ the black priscilla...going into the movie theater before us...when I went to look it was too late. :sad: But other than that I haven't seen someone with a black MC for what a good 6 mons.- 1yr.

    If I do see any multicolore pieces it's ALWAYS the white. Do you think it's just because it's summertime and people aren't carrying them right now? (Btw I live in So. Calif.) Do you think that factors in...that they want to carry the black MC for fall/winter..? But if that's the case (and since I'm in Calif.) it's warm all the time here pretty much...Can this contribute to not seeming them as often??? But even in the fall/winter I never see the black MC.

    Are they just not as popular, or appealing?? It's weird. I personally like the white better. But am now thinking of the black...The colors seem to really pop on the black MC. I'm thinking of maybe adding a black MC piece.

    Is it weird to wear the black MC in the summer/springtime?? I can't get out of my head that white is for summer/spring, and black for fall/winter. But like I said it's pretty warm here yr around. So would it make a difference when I wear black MC??:s

    But then I see alot of people with Dooney bags (with black background) alot, and just plain blk. bags. Hmm...
  2. I never see any mc where I live. Since white is associated with summer, that may be why you are seeing so much of it.
  3. I actually rarely see white MC pieces...the most recent was a fake Speedy :crybaby: .

    I saw two black MC Speedys and a black MC Trouville at the mall yesterday...gorgeous!

    Maybe it is a geographic thing - ? In Seattle we don't do a lot of white or pastel colors (I'm being very generalistic!), except for briefly in our short summers. Whenever I go to socal or Florida I always feel like I'm dressed for a funeral compared to the locals. :lol:
  4. I do see white mc pieces. I have only ever seen a black mc piece, it was a speedy, and I was in Target, and the girl carrying it was a teenager and it was a horrible fake. It had the "fake patina" leather and the colors were wrong, there were only about 6 different colors on there and some of them were florescent. That's it, haven't seen any other black mc in person.
  5. yeah i haven't seen many of them but i like them!!
  6. I live in NYC and now that I think of it...90% of the time...maybe more...when I see a MC piece it's white. Maybe because it's summer but I never really saw all that much black MC in the winter. Interesting. I'm currently dreaming of a black MC speedy :smile: wish they
  7. Haven't seen many black MCs around either here in Northern Europe. The rareness actually makes me want one.:wlae:

    I live in a country with 4 seasons, and I love to match white clothes and accessories when it's lots of snow and everything is white outside. I'd propably use my black one later, when the snow gets all dirty. :lol:
  8. Same here, the black MC speedy is my newest obsession, about which I will not shut up until I actually have one in my filthy, unmanicured paws!

    I see TONS of white MC here, but hardly any black, which is why I love the black so much. If the OP lives in So Cal, I bet The- JS-that-shall-remain-unnamed has a great influence on why so many people carry the white MC.
  9. I live in Canada and see an equal split between the white and black MC. I think it somewhat has to do with the climate of where you live because here, its winter for like 5 months out of the year so a lot of people do buy the black. I myself have one black (priscilla) and one white (speedy), but I use them both year-round. Although I sometimes worry about the white getting dirty in the winter, it really comes down to what outfit I'm wearing. So, to answer your question, I don't think that white has to be strictly for summer or warmer climates. I think both of them are gorgeous in their own way, all year-round! What's important is that they compliment what you're wearing!
  10. I don't see them too often either but that's why I like them!:graucho:
  11. Same is true here..I have the Speedy, Sologne, pochette and the flats and I never see anyone with them! I love that :heart:
  12. I personally prefer the black but I never see it- I wonder what the actual sales numbersfor both colors are in comparison?
  13. Propably 80% white MC / 20% black MC worldwide. :yes:

    The white looks fresh, and the black very vivid IMO.

    I've heard the black ones are more popular in Asia than here in Europe, is it true?

    BTW, I've never ever seen anyone carry a MC bag in fashionable countries like Italy and France. Not even in the biggest cities! Isn't that weird? :wtf:
  14. I've actually seen several in London recently!!
  15. the white one is the preffered of the 2-as everyone here has also said...

    but honestly I personally like the fact that noone near me has a black mc keepall....makes it kinda special.
    the black looks more classic to me....