Rarechic.com Mike & Chris Clutch Now $283.30

  1. They have further reduced the price on this gorgeous bag to $345!! With the code Rare20, you can get it for $283.20 which includes the $9 shipping charge.

    * 1 ON SALE! Corbett Clutch in Black Coffee // // at $345 each

    <TABLE id=shippingCalc width="50%"><TBODY><TR><TD align=left colSpan=4>Subtotal </TD><TD align=right>$345.00</TD></TR><TR><TD align=left colSpan=4>Shipping </TD><TD align=right>$9.00 (Ground)</TD></TR><TR><TD align=left colSpan=4>TOTAL INCLUDING SHIPPING</TD><TD id=finalPrice align=right>$354.00</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    TOTAL WITH COUPON (20% off): $283.20


    It's available in Black Coffee and White Sand

    I'm hoping someone will buy these as I'm trying to curtail my spending for a while.....and I soooo want these bags. The quality of a Mike & Chris bag is undeniably fantastic...I have two of them!!!
  2. Great price!

  3. Emily....don't you love the Mike & Chris clutch. I have three of their handbags and the quality is better than any other designer bag I've seen. The sale price at Rarechic is super....but, I keep checking it daily hoping it will drop even further! :yes:
  4. Thanks for the tip! I ended up getting the one in black coffee!
  5. Wonderful Carmen82!!:yahoo: I'm jealous! Please post pics of your new clutch when you get it.
  6. Bagachondriac, I LOVE Mike & Chris leather! It is the best, from their jackets to their bags. The white clutch is the only one left now. It's looking pretty tempting.

  7. EmilyGL...Please buy it! Please remove the temptation from me!! LOL! Seriously, after I bought and carried my first M&C bag, I fell in love with this designer. The workmanship on my Berkeley is incredible....so much so that I bought it in black and brown. I also purchased the Austin, but because I really can't justify owning another black bag (I have 5), I think I'm going to end up selling in on eBay later while it's still new. Although I have seen their leather jackets, I've not bought one....Have you? Can't wait to see their new bag styles IRL! BTW, the Rarechic sale price is awesome....there's one listed on eBay for $378.