Rarechic.com 25% off Coupon Code!

  1. I just saw on another forum that Rarechic.com is having a special till 9/14 where the coupon code Fall25 gets you 25% off!

  2. .....And if you use the code, the price on the Mike&Chris Corbett clutch (inc. shipping) is only $262.50! It keeps getting lower!!!:tup: I'm seriously not a clutch kinda gal, so I'll pass. But the 25% off is still a great deal on other sale items.

    Thanks for the info!
  3. Did you see the pic of the clutch with the strap though? It can definitely be used as a shoulder bag!
  4. I did see it, however I like BIG shoulder bags like my Be&D Crawford, Gerard Darel, and Mike&Chris Berkeley.
  5. I hear you on that one, unless it's for going out, then I like something smaller. They did just put up their new fall Gryson Josey's though.
  6. It's the last day for the coupon code!