Rare Spy's

  1. I'm on the look out for limited edition or rare spy's. Price is no problem. Have you seen any in Fendi boutiques nearest to you? Please help!
  2. You and Saich will get along very well. :graucho: She's on hol's at the moment. Which country are you in by the way?
  3. hee hee, was just thinking exactly the same thing Kav ;)

    Unwa, have a look through the threads, and have a drool at Saich's collection!
  4. A few weeks ago I saw some amazing LE spys at the Fendi boutique on 5th Ave in NYC. They had a crocodile spy (cream colored), some beaded spys, and a fur spy. I think the fur one was white mink.

    Also, the Barneys in NYC had a fur spy recently.
  5. I am currently in the UK, but I would go anywhere in the world for my bags ;)

    I already have a collection of spy's ;)

    a gold limited edition from last summers 10 peice collection
    the strawberry
    a denim emroidered one
    a pleated pearl
    a python
    a hologram
    the velvet squirels and
    the love of my life:
    a mink one that is a number 1 of only 2 made world wide
  6. but I want MORE.
  7. Back in March I saw the Russian LE at the Paris Fendi boutique. That was a while ago, though!

    We would love to see pics of all your spys :yes:
  8. we neeeeeeed PICS! ha ha JINX
  9. PICCCCS!!!:wtf: We would love to see your collection! What about the sequined spy on Saks.com?
  10. You MUST post pictures for us!!!!
  11. Theres a black patent with a lot of nice bead detail at the NM - Ala Moana location :smile: And she told me that the black velvet with beads and the large ribbon could still be located. Good luck on your search! Sounds like you already have quite the spy collection!
  12. Hi, here is one that is worth 7100 Euro but I am not sure how much they charge here in Asia and I know its a very limited pcs.
  13. ^^ is that like a black (or some dark color) crackle suede? I've never heard of that one! Or maybe its a dull gold.. so they could have silver and gold..