Rare Spys - Does anyone ever remember.....

  1. Hi, I wondered if anyong ever remembers seeing any rare spy being listed on ebay. From the Blue Croc to the purple beaded couture. I am often looking at other spy's on ebay and could never remember seeing any of the other colours listed. It makes you wonder what has become of them all. Of course they are beautiful so people would want to keep them but you would think one now and then would come up. Do these sort of bags ever get listed. Thanks
  2. I have seen some kinda rare spys on Ebay from time to time. There was the python spy recently. I've also seen the large spy, the white spy with red handles, the taupe lizard spy with purple handles, and the green and petrol blue a couple times. And I got the hologram spy on Ebay before. :tender: :love: :girlsigh:
  3. Besides the ones Pewter has listed above, I've seen the black beaded couture spy for sale on ebay (once), the sequinned spy (rarely, twice by dudeiloveyou, and once by someone else), the original cognac python S/S 05 spy, gold python S/S 05 spy, no authentic croc spies.
  4. Was these listing some time ago as I have never seen any of these. They must come up once in a blue moon I guess. I would love to see some different spy's listed. That squidoo site you listed Greendrv is brilliant so full of information and the pictures are to die for.
  5. i remember seeing the cognac python listed too..but never seen croc on ebay. i saw one IRL at the BH fendi store though. it was purple-ish blue and i was holding it for a little while:girlsigh: it was really stiff but so beautiful
  6. Most of the specialty spies I've listed were listed on ebay during S/S 05, the first season release of the Spy bag. However, the black beaded couture came out F/W 05 and was available (relisted over and over again b/c it was over retail) for quite awhile before someone bought it.
  7. Oh for season 05.......LOL..... You would think with all these people who want green, petrol, cherry and the rare spy's Fendi would make more of them and keep the colours going. Why they only do a colour for one season I do not know. I know you can get these bags for about 1 year in the shops but I think you should be able to buy all the colours.
  8. The whole point is to help the bag retain it's IT bag status. Especially if you retire colors. Makes them seem like limited edition collector's items that way.

  9. I agree with you and everytime it works...some brands have been doing this kind of retiring colors all the time :flowers:
  10. They just need to replace the retired colors with equally fab colors. Fendi, do you hear me - eggplant, bone pleated,...