Rare Species of Shark Photographed

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    TOKYO (Reuters) - A species of shark rarely seen alive because its natural habitat is 600 meters (2,000 ft) or more under the sea was captured on film by staff at a Japanese marine park this week.
    The Awashima Marine Park in Shizuoka, south of Tokyo, was alerted by a fisherman at a nearby port on Sunday that he had spotted an odd-looking eel-like creature with a mouthful of needle-sharp teeth.
    Marine park staff caught the 1.6 meter (5 ft) long creature, which they identified as a female frilled shark, sometimes referred to as a "living fossil" because it is a primitive species that has changed little since prehistoric times.
    The shark appeared to be in poor condition when park staff moved it to a seawater pool where they filmed it swimming and opening its jaws.
    "We believe moving pictures of a live specimen are extremely rare," said an official at the park. "They live between 600 and 1,000 meters under the water, which is deeper than humans can go."
    "We think it may have come close to the surface because it was sick, or else it was weakened because it was in shallow waters," the official said.
    The shark died a few hours after being caught.
    Frilled sharks, which feed on other sharks and sea creatures, are sometimes caught in the nets of trawlers but are rarely seen alive.
  2. That thing scares me!
  3. Omg!
  4. Wow! That is wicked!!! It actually looks like one of the creatures designed by H.R. Giger (the guy who designed Aliens and Species).
  5. YIKES! spooky looking :wtf:
  6. WOW Thanks for showing the pics!
  7. I find the shark fasinating I just wish they had left it alone in the sea. Why they have to catch these things to study is beyond me.
  8. That is one scary looking fish???
  9. It defiinitely has that "prehistoric" look to it! Too bad it died:sad: I find sharks facinating as well~
  10. Cool!! I love sharks, they're so...efficient!
  11. I agree, usually, but in this case the shark was out of its depth--literally--and it sounds like it may have been dying anyway.
  12. As the story went, I believe the shark hasn't been seen all this time because it only lives in the extreme depths of the ocean.

    That leads me to believe that if the shark was way out of its depths, it probably wasn't going to live long, anyway.
  13. I agree it was probably going to die, I just wish they had left it alone so that it could have died in peace. Humans always seem to want to catch these things and study them and I just find it such a shame. It might have known it was going to die then it gets hurled out of its home and stuck into a tank. Find some of things Humans do all wrong.
  14. Saich totally agree - it should have been left in its natural habitat. Great to see the pics but leave in peace
  15. Wow! That's really interesting! He probably was sick or injured if he was found outside his normal habitat. It just makes me realize once again what an amazing planet Earth is.