Rare RM Clutch from sample sale

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  1. I got this from the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale in November, I never posted pics. It is a true rare collectors item.. a real sample, only one made, with baby calf hair. I read the RM interview and she said she might do exotics.. well here was the 1st one. I'm a rocker so I loved the leopard print!

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  2. :drool::drool::drool:OMG Duranie, that is gorgeous and one of a kind!!!! your a lucky gal.
  3. Neat piece!!! And how lucky to be the only one with it!! Carry her with pride!

    I just purchased a Cream D-Ring Clutch from Bluefly this morning -- I think another tpf'er had purchased it and returned it and I nabbed it now! It's not nearly as unique as yours but I can't wait to receive it still!!
  4. That is really cute and would be perfect for a night out. It is baby calf skin and fur though??
  5. very cute!
  6. It is calf hair. Don't know the leather... but I imagine calf leather.
  7. sexy!
  8. Ahh love it I would have snapped that one up too!
  9. I don't want to worry you but I hope it wasn't the one I sent back... I returned it because it was quite dirty! :tdown:
  10. very cool! it looks so exotic! :yes:
  11. WOW! :drool: Shes beautiful! And truly one-of-a-kind! congrats!!
  12. wow !
  13. Hey, that is gorgeous!! so unique and funky! Love it.. which sample sale was this from? The LA one? (dunno if there was more than one...) when all the emails were going around for leftovers being on sale?
  14. NY, I got lost around China Town looking for it. LOL
  15. Does anyone here have the blind date clutch? If so- what do you use the strap in the back for??