Rare Reveal **Embossed Mini Mac in Plum**

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  1. I'm so happy to have gotten this bag! I've been searching high and low for an embossed bag but can't seem to find it anywhere on Ebay or Amazon or RM site. After months of prowling on Ebay, I finally found a brand new one from a super nice seller who packaged it so well! The bag is unbelievably stunning. My phone pics don't do this darling any justice. It's like wine/purplish/red all thrown in together.

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH. :biggrin:


    Can anyone identify this Mini Mac? Which season is it from? Is it limited edition? Does RM release embossed bags every season?
  2. Totally drool worthy! Congratulations on your awesome purchase!
  3. Congrats on this beauty!! I think I saw it in ebay too and I really think it's very pretty. It has rose gold hardware, right?
  4. Btw, maybe you can show a picture of the inner lining for somebody here to tell the season it's from.
  5. OOOHHH!! Love the RM plum color! I have a mini mac in plum and the color is gorgeous so I can imagine how lovely this one must be! Congrats! :woohoo:
  6. The lining is the same as the dustbag. Leopard print. :smile 1:
  7. Congrats! I have its cousin, plum snake mab mini. The color really is gorgeous, especially with the rose gold hw.
  8. The plum color is lovely. I have two mini Mac in plum.
  9. I have the plum in gold hardware & embossed in rose gold. I'm debating which one to keep since they are so similar. Advice?

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  10. ^^

    I'd say to keep the one with rosegold hardware. But also depends on your feel for exotics.
  11. ^^

    I'd say to keep the one with rosegold hardware. But also depends on your feel for exotics.
  12. Stunning bag!!! Tdf!
  13. One more pic.

  14. Haven't seen this style before, but I love it, what a rich color! And RM's rose gold hardware is always a fav. :tup:
  15. Very pretty. The leather looks really lovely, and the color is so wonderfully saturated. The mini MAC is a great little bag; it's worth owning several :smile:, really.