RARE Metallic shoulder bags from a sweet PFer

  1. Thanks Fendihunter ... fingers crossed!!

    Meanwhile, I keep on meaning to provide the particulars to ateliernaff as these are definitely different than the "regular" Shoulder that most of us are used to (the one that she has listed).
  2. Love these bags!
  3. Wow CeeJay, these are lovely and good prices to boot :yahoo: You'll sell them super fast :yes:
  4. Thanks girlycharlie, but for some strange reason :confused1: ... they aren't moving on eBay! I get TONS of inquiries and -WORSE- deluged with emails from the eBay 'scammers' who are trying to sell to me/have me sell their fake crap (I send every single one of these to eBay to have them deal with it!).

    I suppose part of the problem is due to the "after-the-holidays" drain on the Wallet!!
  5. They would make one helluva makeup bag! LOVE them!