Rare LV degrade sighting

  1. I was at the CNY cocktail party last night and saw the most exquisite piece.

    It def took my breath away. Almost cancelled my Exotic to get it...nah :rolleyes:

    Please forgive me, I don't have a picture. (maybe others who were there did tho') I was told by my SA that the Blue Alligator trim Degrade Mirage bag is very very rare. That it is a special order and that there were only 2 in existence that he is aware of. (about 20 total) It's shaped a little like the Sac Rayeur.

    I have the SA on the phone now to try and get the picture sent to me. If I do get it, I will have my son post it when he gets home from school. (yes, it's sad but I am a dummy when it comes to technology :p)

    I saw the green alligator (?) Motard bag, an alligator Motard clutch, the Weekender, the Hearts, the Vernis Bellevue in Pomme, and the Sac Rayeur in Orange.

    I'm sorry, after I saw the "Deft" bag...I was too :nuts: to really see anything else clearly.
    Darn me for forgetting the camera!

    Oh yeah, the Deft bag retails for $8,000.
  2. My LV has the blue alligator trim mirage bag, too. I think there's been a couple of sightings. It's such a beautiful bag!
  3. there was a thread about this from H2girl...she bought it at way below price...
    here's the picture of her delft mirage blue!!! So gorgeous!!!
  4. ohh, they had that in rodeo but I think it was a different color, can't remember
  5. OMG...way below price? Going to search this out! Delft...well, that's a much better spelling than deft...:lol:
  6. Yes, it is soo TDF! Lucky you! :drool:
  7. She bought it from an eBay seller and ofcourse she had it authenticated before and it was ok!!! It took it's name from a small city in the Netherlands called Delft it's not mispelled!
    You can still find it if you want it! I've seen an alligator griet in real life!
    Actually if you search H2girl's threads you can see all the exotic mirages she has...they are TDF!!!!!
  8. Oooh thank you so much bagmaniac23!
    Sorry,I was refering to my misspelling of "deft".
    Also, thanks for posting the pic...
  9. If I can ever figure out how to upload the photos I will post pics of my "Delft".

    My husband bought it for me for Xmas and she has only been worn once - for dinner on our 10th Anniversary. I told him he spent far too much on it but he said I am well worth it.

    She is even more gorgeous in real life than in the photos.

    I will try doing the photo thing this weekend and will post here.
  10. Please may I ask...How much?
  11. I love how the blue stands out on that Mirage Delft!
    It's a small town in the Netherlands indeed, I live close to it. It's funny how LV has been using Dutch names as well, such as the Griet! (which is a b*tch to pronounce right if you're not from holland).

    I hope you can still find one!
  12. I love that bag. The colors are pretty together. "Delft blue" is actually a porcelin (I think it's porcelin) from the town Delft, I think that's why they used the name.
  13. You're so lucky getting to see the Delft bag. Perhaps I'll see you at the Copley store next week for the big party then. Maybe they'll bring in the bag that day:smile:.
  14. :drool: that is one hot bag!
  15. wowow..iiwll be keeping a lookout....pics please..:tup:.