Rare German Biewers -Puppies Born!


Feb 14, 2006
Vancouver, Canada
Hey Guys!
Thought I share some exciting news! :yahoo:

Our very first planned litter of Biewers have arrived and we now have some of the cutest puppies at home and I just had to share some pictures!

They were born on March 28 after a very long birth ( we stayed up from 12am to6am) and Hazel delievered 2 girls and 2 boys. We lost one of the female puppy because she was born extremely weak =( and the mother paid very little attention to her as if she knew. No matter how much work we put into her, she just couldn't seem to breath properly.

However, the other 3 are doing very well and we're very proud of our littles one and to be expanding this breed into North America.

Just a quick background summary of the breed to those who might be curious;
The Biewer (pronounced Bee-vair) originated in Hunsruck, Germany in 1984, is still a relatively rare breed outside its native country, but is quickly gaining international popularity and growth in North America.
Resembling to its very close cousin the Yorkie, the Biewer was created through a recessive piepald gene mutation through the Yorkshire Terrier. Recognized at its own breed in 1989 the Biewer must weigh under 7 pounds and have three colors on its head (symmetrical in gold, white and/or black/blue), a white chest which should extend to the chin, 4 white legs, white tip tail, white belly, and a back that must be fully black or partially white and black.

Here are some of the pictures (please excuse the watermark, but people have stolen from our site before)

First Born Boy;

2nd Boy;

Our 3rd girl;

This is mommy Hazel,

and daddy, Tipsy

And I just wanted to note; that we've put in about 2 years of hard work and research before breeding these dogs. They are fully registered, tested and we're working towards developing the quality and standard of this breed. We're not just breeding them irresponsibily as I know it can be a hot debate on this forum and I wanted to be clear of it.

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures! I feel like a proud mother hen constantly show them off ! :lol:
Mar 24, 2007
- NyC -
O!!! EEK!! Very cute, congrats on the puppies!!!!

I would never be able to give puppies away either. I'd just have house full of puppies!


Feb 14, 2006
Vancouver, Canada
Thanks LeeLee, BagsRmyLife and oogiewoogie!

I hope I don't get too attached to them! It's just too easy to want to keep them all! And they seem so easy to care for right now because all they do is sleep and eat, but 4 weeks later and it'll be a different story! They're going to learn how to walk and get themeselves into so much trouble! But i can't wait!


no will power
May 17, 2007
Awwww, they are so sweet! Dont you just love having baby puppies in the house? I remember when my dog had a puppy (yes, just one). I loved it! He was so iddy biddy and then he got so fat (being the only puppy he didnt have any brothers or sisters to fight with over suckling/food) and now he's so BIG! I couldnt bear to get rid of him...I felt like it was a miracle out of what ever litter she was supposed to have, he was the only one that made it! We had rescued the momma dog off the side of the freeway about a month before she had the puppy, we had no idea she was pregnant. That was about 4 or 5 years ago!

Congrats on your new babies! And that's awesome that youre expanding a fairly new breed! :woohoo:


Dec 30, 2007
Congratulations on such pretty puppies. Your dogs are gorgeous too. I would like some more information on the breed, can you PM please.