Rare Flat Brass Pebbled Tote

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  1. NICE! 0 FBer with only 1 pic and little info makes me nervous though. :oh: But they seem to be selling a lot of stuff...
  2. this price is crazy. i'm guessing there will be a huge battle over this. gorgeous bag!
  3. gee, no measurements or other pictures and no feedback....!
  4. This bag is TDF!
  5. Oh la la! This auction is going to be interesting! Anyone asking for more pics?
  6. I loooove this toooo...I'll try my luck on this since FB hobo and caramel are evading me right now.
  7. OMG! this bag is soooo beautiful!
    but the seller had 0 feedback...
  8. I just sent her a message asking for more pictures and details.
  9. Hey guys, I got an answer form seller:

    "goodmorning..thank u for ur interest..weve recieved numerous
    inquiries..as of now there is no bin prc...pls keep watching...pics
    to come...this is the exact bag...there is one stain on the botton
    of the bag which you will be able to see in the pic...I can't
    remember exactly what year this is from, but I believe it is about
    4 years old."
  10. I basically got the same response almost, except he said that there is a stain on the back of it and he will post more pictures. Think I'll pass if theres a stain on it. eeeuuuwww!
  11. They added new pics but no close up of the stain...
  12. Here's another response from the seller:

    "I did try to tak a picture of the inside tag that has the brand name
    on it, but it would not show on the photo. This is because the print
    is in gold and is on dark brown leather. I appologize for this and do
    assure and guarantee this bags authenticity."
  13. 0o0o0o0 what an amazing piece of Balenciaga 0o0o0o0o i wonder whos going to get it.... crap, i wish i could get it... lol hehehehehe! good luck to whoever decides to bid bid bid bid... :biggrin:
  14. :drool: :graucho: