RARE FENDI...please help

  1. I purchased this very authentic Fendi bag from an upscale consignment store that specializes in designer bags, all the bags must be proven real or they won't take them. I was told by the store that the owner of the bag was once an important buyer for Bergdorfs, and that this bag was so rare only 10 of them were ever made. My problem is, after weeks of searching I can't find any info on this bag. Due to its rareness I'm sure. I would like to know something about the bag just to see how rare and special it may be. What year it was made, original cost, if there really are only 10 in the world, anything. Because Fendi has absolutley no contact info, I don't know what to do. If anyone has any info on this bag or knows where I could get some info, please let me know. In case you can't tell from the pic it is all hand beaded. Thanks.
    fendi 029.JPG
  2. It would be nice to have more pics and dimensions, but it sort of looks like an LE Mama Bag - with lizard and beads. I have never seen this specific one before, but have seen similar. Looks like a 1990s sort of bag....:upsidedown: But it could be early 2000 yr also.
  3. It's a baguette, I think a mama baguette. If you look inside, there may be a leather strip with numbers imprinted on it sewn into the lining. We can tell you the year of manufacture based on that.
  4. If you give me the code on the inside of the bag, I can look it up @ work on Friday.
  5. Wow pretty colors! Congrats on that rare bag! Hope you will find out more. Sorry I can't help you, but the girls here know quite a lot, they'll tell you more..
  6. I looked inside the bag and didn't see any numbers, so I called the owner of the store who basically told me the same thing as the sales woman but they were told there were positivley only 10 ever made. The store owner told me she will contact the previous owner for more detail. But I did speak with the owner of a handbag store down the street who had seen the bag before me and assured me it was real, tho he doesn't think its as rare as the store claims. All I know is the store owner better get me some info bc now I'm confused.
  7. now there is a part of the lining that looks like it has been messed with. Maybe somebody took the number out? That seems ridiculous.
  8. ^ Sounds really weird indeed. I believe the serial must be in there on a leather tab and also a fabric black tab with the hologram... If it doesn't have either I personally might consider returning it, because you will never get a good price if you ever decide to resell it (unless you wouldn't want to part with it ofcourse)...
    Did it come with the card and dustbag though?
  9. I've seen a few simmilar beaded Fendi's from 2003. But not this exact one. Turned my bag inside out and upside down and all it has is a little black x drawn on the inside of the zippered pocket. The woman who owned it before is supposedly so rich she houses her clothing and accessories in 3 bedrooms in her house, I somehow doubt she would keep the authenticity info. But hopefully the store owner will call me today with some info.
  10. If it doesn't have any proof of authenticity (and with that I mean numbers/tags) I would return it. They can have the greatest stories behind it, but that does not proof a thing. Perhaps the store manager has been tricked into buying this one because he doesn't know how to identify a fake bag... And even if it belonged to a rich lady, that doesn't mean anything, even Paris Hilton has been spotted wearing fakes..
    And you mentioned in your first post that this store wants proof of authenticity or they won't take it to sell, well, demand he shows that proof to you. I hope you get answers really soon and please keep us updated!

    Oh BTW, what's the brand of the zipper inside? That could be a clue to it's auth.
  11. Q - I really don't think its a fake, just because there are too many authentic details. But I don't think its a recently made bag either. The shape of the metal buckle and other things. Some of these bags had the serial number actually imprinted on the satin lining of the pocket in metallic ink. Its hard to see/find and it can crumble off so much its impossible to read. Others may have a tag. :yes:
  12. baglady.1 -I totally agree! I just checked my mamma bag that was bought in 2002. It's probably from 2001 or so, because I bought it on sale at Bloomie's. The serial number is in silver ink/print on the inside of the zipper pocket on the front wall of the pocket. It's pretty hard find.
  13. Look for the stamped number in silver way up on the top of the lining. Sometime you have to turn the bag totally inside out to see it, by the seam or on the inside of the slip pocket, but on the back side of the inside. Does that make sense. The numbers fade (or rub off) but sometimes you can see the remnants of the numbers. If you want to post photos of the back side of the buckle, I can confirm its authenticity for you.
  14. Oh, I forgot to mention, I was excited to see this bag. I've seen only one before, and I've seen a lot of Fendi bags. ;) I had no idea that they only made 10 though.
  15. Well I got some good news...the store owner called Fendi in new york, sent them pictures and they agreed it was real. Saying the serial number could have rubbed off over the years. They told me to send them the bag, they still have to see it in person, and they will send it back to me with authenitcity info. As for the zipper question, its a fendi zipper, shaped like the logo.