Rare enamel bracelet? Magyar...

  1. I saw this one on eBay a while back and didn't jump... don't know why.

    Does anyone have any info? It could be called "Magyar", "Magyarorszag" or "Hungarian" something. I remember it having horses on it (wow, that doesn't help). I looked through the jewelry section in the reference book, but didn't see it.

    BTW: I am Hungarian and that's why I want it. If anyone has info on where to get one (besides eBay), I'd be interested in knowing how to procure one.

    Thank you so much if you can answer my crazy/vague post in any way!
  2. Hungarian Horses, that's what it's called.
    I am looking for one too (quite desperately), let me know if you find one.
    Honnan josz Magyarorszagon?
  3. ^^My family comes from Rozsafalva...now part of Romania (I think). I live in Michigan, US.
  4. I will check tomorrow at the store!
    Hermes es magyar lovak- nagyon jol hangzik!!!:tup:
  5. Thank you MissM!

    Kolibriszuka - your name makes me laugh :smile:
  6. I wish I knew what you all were saying, it is such a beautiful language.
  7. Dear Kolibriszuka and Hello, my SA is on search to find out anything about that particular bracelet.
    i will keep you posted!!!!
  8. It´s a beauty! Saw it once on eBay, wish I knew you wanted it!
  9. Petite Chevaux de Hongrie. Little horses of Hungary.
    I just bought one!!!!! In black and white!!!! I am sooooo excited!
    There is a big version (which I bought) and a detail version too but the detail version doesnt' have the horsies.
    I'll post pics when it arrives.
  10. Érdekes, hogy a Hermes ilyet is készít...:smile:

    Does anyone have a picture of it?

    (So many Hungarians here haha)
  11. Waaahhhh......... are you in Hungary????? Me too!

  12. Aranyosak vannak a kicsi lovak (the little horses are adorable)!

  13. ooh, that is fantastic.....I love it in the big size, I have only seen it in small and in blue, this is just gorgeous!!!

  14. Hello, ez a karkötö nagyon szep!!! (this bracelet is very beautiful)
    My SA said, it is very difficult to get one- if he understood which one i meant:smile:. Please send us action pics when you received it!!!!