Rare color coin purses on Styledrops $310 each

  1. oooh, the green one looks tempting....I just snagged a teal one on eBay this morning so I better pass....
  2. I have the little brown one and a cream coin purse they had a few weeks back...really prefer a larger size because I was looking for a makeup bag to put in my larger purses...but I use both my little ones instead.

    Where do you get those "boobies" --they're so cute!
  3. Are those authentic? I thought you couldn't buy Balenciaga online ??? :confused1:
  4. Hmmm, why is a retailer charging over retail price for these? BalNY has them for $285.
  5. Slinks, styledrops are known for jacking up their prices, from what I hear your cc company may also charge an international transaction fee, if it applies, on top of everything. Just FYI.
  6. Styledrops :confused1: Has anyone bought from them before?
  7. I had thought that StyleDrops is on the *fake* list ... and as another poster indicated, their price is more than the normal retail (Barneys is charging $285 for these).
  8. I have. they sell authentic, but their prices tend to be high.
  9. I have purchased a Gucci bag from them 3 years ago. A friend worked at Gucci authenticated and it was authentic!