Rare Coach Ali ? Just curious....

  1. I have never heard this before, but I am still learning about Coach so this could be true.

    I think its kind of odd that bags that have "errors" or "flaws" are considered collector's items. I guess it depends on what the "error" is, but I would think that sometimes this would totally turn me off from the bag if it is missing certain details...
  2. I'm at a loss for words. I really don't think this is such a special bag that it needs a bin price of $1000, kwim?
  3. OMG, I totally missed the BIN price! :wtf:
  4. Generally speaking, error bags do not fetch more than standard bags. For one, they are generally assumed to be fakes. Second, most people buy bags to carry or as status symbols or because they genuinely love them, not to stow them away as a "collector's item". In other words, there won't be a market 10 years from now for that "rare" error bag, so the error doesn't increase its value.

    I remember the discussion about another bag like this, and some people preferred it without the logo. If a person feels that way, then this is the bag for them, but the BIN price is too steep if you ask me.
  5. Looks like the original thread is by the seller. On that note, the seller is excellent!! I don't think she'll get that much for it though.
  6. I have been trying to remove the link and just post pics as I do not intend to implicate the seller in any way. I see that the seller has great feedback. I also did not want to promote any auctions. It seems that after a period of time the edit feature is locked. So mods please remove or close if necessary.

    I was only curious as I thought I might have missed something and wanted to know if it was a collector's item.
  7. hey ladies, i am the awesome (and sexy) seller of this coach ali error bag (im a guy, yes its weird i sell bags, i know) and i figured it would just be a short period of time before someone posted about my auction. Yes, the BIN price is ridiculously high, but hey, you never know right? I tried to do some research about error coach bags and couldnt find much info at all, which leads me to believe it is quite rare. Also, a couple months ago I sold a one-of-a-kind Dooney purse for about $800, so I figure a rare coach would sell for more then that? All in all, who knows what will happen with it. If it sells for the BIN that would be incredible, if not, I can always relist it another time. Wish me luck though, I could use the money for school loans badly!!
  8. Good luck, Gophers!