Rare Carly Color Combo

  1. I thought I saw today that it was back on Coach.com? I gotta go check now!

    Oh, um... also if that is your auction... that's a no-no!
  2. No its not my auction....I wish I had that bag! :yes:
  3. Cool! Yeah, they're back on Coach.com too! Just in time for Christmas!!
  4. Uh oh...you shouldn't have told me that...I was planning on going to Coach to buy some little stuff now I think I might HAVE to buy the khaki/beet...Whoops sorry hubby! :angel:
  5. ^funny...i thought he was your fiance?not hubby?(u posted in other thread as such???)

    hope these arent your own auctions either..it IS against PF rules if it is....
  6. Nope its not mine cuz if it was I wouldn't be selling it. He is my fiancee but I call him hubby we've been together forever. :smile:
  7. I just unpacked a large one in my store this morning!! you don't happen to live near Boston MA do you? lol I'm sure if you go to your local store they could do an order for you!
  8. Ya I live in Everett but I go to the Rockingham mall to buy my bags. I am going to try to order the new bag for spring style #11620 I love it! Do you think I will be able to get it? And if I can..can I use my 25% off?
  9. BTW, the listing in the first post is only showing ONE photo and that's stolen from Coach's website. There's NO guarantee what you'd actually receive if you bid, and most sellers who steal Coach's photos are actually selling fakes.

    PLEASE don't post an auction number or link unless the bag's genuine and the seller is using their OWN photos. If you don't know how to tell, then please ask at the Authenticate This thread.
  10. I think the answers to both those questions are yes and yes. the PCE can be applied to orders, plus its valid until the 29th anyway.

  11. I know how to authenticate Coach bags and I buy and sell bags all the time on eBay. If you read the persons feedback everyone posted positive feedback. I just posted the link because I was told this color was hard to find so I wanted to let everyone know that there are a few available on eBay. Thanks!
  12. Hi I actually ordered my bag today..there were only 3 left that are made! I was so lucky. I will be posting pictures when it arrives! :p
  13. i have seen them at Macys and Bloomies
  14. Thanks for the info!