Rare Birkin........Yeah right!!!

  1. Hi

    I'm new to all of this but felt I had to share this 'rare' birkin with you!!!!!
    How could anyone be so tasteless
    It's on ebay auction number 6884453982 - and it has people bidding on it.
    Has the world gone mad???
    horrible fake.jpg
  2. It's an Hermes! It's a Prada! No, it's a PraMes bag!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    What a dreadful fake combo!! :sick:
  3. A good morning laugh...that is what it is. I sure hope they don't bid too high!
  4. Welcome Nikki! That bag is just beyond words. FUGLY!
  5. This bag is just so ugly. It is like someone crossed a really bad Birkin replica with one of those awful fish bags Coach did a while ago. (I am not knocking Coach, I love the leather bags, but those fish things were beyond awful)
  6. I on the other hand think this is cute! It would make a great beach bag for a kid! Some fakes are funny but this one I like. But it's still fake!

    Hum,,.... I should buy this for my 7 yr old so she can leave my bag alone!
  7. Holy :censor: this is up almost $400 this is crazy for a fake bag!!!! I would have paid 20 bucks!
  8. It's BIN was £3900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. That's a funny looking bag!
  10. I think it's cute... I guess that's what a Prada Hermes crossover would look like...
  11. It reminds me of those horrible Coach fishy bags from a few seasons ago - FUG!