RARE Bal @ Cricket in Liverpool(UK)

  1. Hey everyone! I havn't been online for the past two weeks or so because i was visiting family in England. While i was there i discovered a store in Liverpool called "Cricket" and they have the craziest selection of Balenciaga!

    Honestly.. yeah.. I'll just post the pictures i snuck.



    You can see two more pics at the bottom of some of he Giant Hardware bags they had..

    I couldn't believe some of the stuff they had.. I have never seen or heard of that red notebook/address book before?!

    Random bags i remember them having-
    Metallic light pink City and First
    Griege City
    Violet 06 City
    Pale Rose First
    Lots of 07 Violet (both hardwares) including- Step, Brief, City, and First.
    Pine Brief with GSH (gorgous!)
    They had the Sphere in black, creme, and i think one other color with GSH (sorry, bad memory!)
    Also the accessories were INSANE!
    that red book thing (no idea what year, what red, or what it's called)
    Boobies in Sky Blue, some sort of Camel, White, and a few others.
    Anis mini bag thing (forget the name, but i SO wanted to get this! it was adorable!)
    Also.. lots of shoulders, lots of wallets and travelers etc. A few makeups.
    Coin purses in pink pony hair (and other pony hair colours, but i can't remember specifically)

    Just thought i'd let everyone know, i couldn't believe my eyes!

    Their address & #-

    8 Mathew St
    Liverpool, L2 6RE, UK
    +44 151 227 4645

    ENGLAND 022.jpg ENGLAND 023.jpg ENGLAND 024.jpg ENGLAND 025.jpg
  2. Also, my mom got crazy lucky and bought a Vert Gazon Day w/ GGH at Harvey Nicols in Manchester! I couldn't believe they had one!! I'll post pics in a different thread later.. still jet-lagged!
  3. are these bags authentic? i see some of them with the dreaded white string hanging off of the front of quite a few bags...
    that mini anis is TDF :drool:
    someone needs to call and get something!!!!

    EDIT - just saw that the white string is attached to what is probably the store's tag...
  4. Yes, they were definitely all authentic. Cricket is apparently where a lot of the UK celebs shop so i went to check it out.. They also sold tons of high end apparel (Stella McCartney, Chloe, Balenciaga clothing, Temperly, etc) And other designer bags so it wasn't just some little store.

    My jaw was just dropped the entire time, i couldn't believe it all!

    edit- and yes, the white tags were ones the shop put on there. :smile:
  5. :wtf: OMG!!!! Any email address?
  6. Cricket is completely authentic. Its the shop for all the Footballers Wives!

    www.cricketliverpool.co.uk None of those Balenciagas are online though - Cricket is VERY overpriced!
  7. do they ship to the u.s.?
  8. OOh love the bag on the left in the fist pic, is that a lilac city, or is it bigger??? BTW thanks for posting Sammy!
  9. Yup, but its expensive!! :wtf:

    [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]0.5kg £15[/FONT]
    [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]3.5kg £20[/FONT]
    [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]5kg £30[/FONT]



    [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Far East[/FONT]
  10. cricket is definately authentic!
    i live about 5 minutes away from there! haha isnt liverpool a great city! i live right in the city centre near the main train stations!
    its such a great shop, the staff are GREAT! and soo helpful!
    they ship to the US but ring them up and order DONT do it online! they dont update their stock regulary and arent too good on the online side of things !

    and btw! if anybody would like me to go in its no problem AT ALL because i pass by pretty much everyday and if not then i can because its just there!
    just PM me

    sammydoll, its great you got to visit cricket! its soo great!
  11. That's an 06 Lilac City :smile:

    They told me they can, will, and do ship to the states and all over the world.. They were very nice, so don't hesitate to call!
  12. Thanks for sharing Sammydoll! What a great find -- I'm going to add this to my UK shopping resource for my next trip. I love that little acid green (?) bag in the last photo. Is that a discontinued style?
  13. yikes...those shipping charges are expensive...
    thanks for the info...
  14. Have you any idea the prices for the various styles like first and city? Gosh i need to make my way up to liverpool now! The shop looks yummy!
  15. I think it is £700 for the RH City.

    They don't seem to reduce the price of old stock. (I tried to negotiate on the Mini-Classiques a while ago but had no luck.)