Rare Aviator Flight Helmet Bags on eBay

  1. So, I just read the newest blog entry on Atelier Naff ... and it was all about the Balenciaga Aviator collection.

    The "flight helmet" bags in particular are very unique looking - and apparently quite rare.

    As I was reading, I was thinking, "hey these flight helmet bags aren't all that rare - why, I just saw some on eBay." I went back and looked at the auctions on eBay, and it turns out that they belong to the SAME person who provided the photos for the Atelier-Naff blog.

    So, get 'em while they're hot, people!! Also, when you take a look at the auctions, be sure to read what the seller has to say about them - some interesting stuff!

    The Balenciaga Aviator: Tan Camelskin

    The Balenciaga Aviator Planet
  2. This seller is really cool - she is a wonderful designer, and lover of fashion!

    These aviator bags are awesome - the leather is INCREDIBLE - totally amazing, I promise.......
  3. I like the seller's other stuff, cool dresses! love the swirly blue one!

    not a fan of the aviator bags though
  4. I don't think many people are ... I did a search for "aviator" on this forum, and other than two inquiries that never got responses, I only found misspellings of "avatar" (e.g., "I love the bag pictured in your aviator")... LOL. I must admit that I am more intrigued with them now that I know how rare they are. Upon first viewing, they did not appeal to me.
  5. these bags are really cool in person, the photos really can't do them justice - they just have the coolest attention to detail, shape, and leather - they look very 'Balenciaga' - without being such a widely known bag you know? They're definitely a work of art, which is very cool to me.
  6. That's cool!! Thanks for the heads up!

    I am a bit concerned about the city this seller has for sale... It has squared bales...
  7. If you read further down in her auction text, she does indicate that she thinks that it's a replica ...

    "There is no manufacturer’s authenticity-card with this bag, neither a store-receipt. I think this bag might well be one of those rare, masterful and high-quality Italian replicas, but I’m not an expert to prove it - neither can I guarantee its authenticity. There seems to be a controversy between the letter in the lot-number and this colour’s season (2006 pre-spring?), also the bale’s curve seems to be a tad too angular, and the serial number has 2 extra digits –apart from these details, the material & the craftmanship equals the qualities of a genuine Balenciaga."
  8. I think this probably is better suited for the new sub-Forum, I'll move it there for ya!
  9. Yeah, Cal ... that's the one that I was referring to above. That's where she listed the "replica" text.

    I think she's right about the Aviator bags; don't think there are any fakes of those!
  10. it's interesting. i do like the look of the bag, but think it's a tad too funky for moi
  11. I have a borrowed aviator bag right now - same style as the camel one she's selling, but in black - and I have to tell you the camelskin leather is realllly interesting. It's thick and has a very interesting feel, I'm kind of fascinated by it. And the round mirror is soooo cute!!
  12. Ah, there are two threads on these bags. And I just mentioned in the other one - the camelskin leather is really interesting, it's thick and has a very satistfying kind of feel, I like it a lot. Very cool bags.
  13. Mine was first, mine was first! ;) Anyway, I have to agree with Mimi that these are works of art. Really, they ought to be in a museum (okay that could be overstating it a little right now, but maybe not in years to come...).