Rare 2004 Marron Purse!

  1. Oh wow I'd love this :drool: It's gorgeous!
  2. Yes, that is beautiful! The leather looks soo amazing! :drool:
  3. OMG .... OMG .... OMG .... :nuts: :drool: I already saw the auction and .... I'd like it soooooooooo badly :shame: :yahoo: !!!

    Thank you for posting agent..... :flowers:
  4. The seller is VERY sweet and nice. I have asked questions on several of her awesome bags and she was always helpful. Just wish her starting bids werent so high.
  5. oh wow the leather looks awesome.
  6. Yes, the leather looks great, but the price is a little high, I think that's more than the cost for a brand new "purse", right? But I guess it's worth it because the leather/ color won't be reproduced :sad:
  7. Ohhh....ahhhhh.....that leather is just......ohhhhhhhhh...:drool:
  8. ...:wtf: :drool: Yowzas! That is just gorgeous...thanks agent for sharing.
  9. Hm... heart says :yes: credit card says :throwup:...