Rare 2003 Olive Brown City w/silver hardware

  1. ooh! it's so pretty!
    this one will go in good price!
  2. the seller is not a nice person, and I don't even believe that 40 people are watching. Veracity and integrity are not her strong-suits. I'm staying away from this auction on principle alone!
  3. Agreed, I would stay away from this one, I don't trust the seller.
  4. She's waiting for DAYLIGHT? Gees woman, turn the lights on in your house and take better pictures!...lets see, someone did BIN on the same bag previously then the seller decided it wasnt fair to others and refunded the buyer? OR did the seller suddenly realize she could have gotten more for the bag? hmmm, nice bag...but I seriously doubt there are 40 people watching it. I agree with decophile 1000%....another better bag will come along be patient girls!
  5. sounds like a non-ethical seller there...
  6. There are several things about this auction that bother me. I'd never buy from her.
  7. I can definitely believe there ae 40 people watching it.. the rest though, eh, I agree.
  8. I'm sorry ... I was wondering why it had not been posted yet...
  9. BINGO! Right on Donna. She sounds like a creep. Screwed over last buyer to chase after more money and makes herself sound all high and mighty. Did you see her pontificating in the Q&A section on the bottom? Claims she "colluded" with the last buyer but then came to Jesus on her own and now wants to be fair to the whole world. What a poser!
  10. wa ha ha ha ha.... i'm laughing my head off when i read this, decophile...
  11. I have to agree with you guys... I think she cancelled the transaction with the last winner because she realized she could have gotten more for the bag. I find it odd how I think she is saying that she purchased it herself at Barneys, which you can confirm, yet she doesn't seem to be the owner of the bag or know much about Balenciaga. :weird:
  12. No worries, fiat. You did what any of us would have done, share a listing.:flowers: It's just that some of us have been watching this one since its last listing, and are queasy about its history. :yucky:
  13. i don't get how sellers can say they only used it a handful of times yet the handles are already darker. i've used my b bags a lot more than that and they never darken. i wonder if these people just never wash their hands!
  14. I've been wondering the same thing. Maybe they are all car mechanics? :upsidedown: