Rare 10% off code for Overstock good until 10/31/07

  1. I read in a financial column (thanks Marshall Loeb) about this website called dealmine which aggregates discounts most of us don't even know exist from credit card companies, memberships, etc. I was considering a Bottega Veneta that Overstock had and thought I'd check for that store on dealmine. I found that from 5/1/07-10/31/07 if you use a Visa card to pay for your Overstock purchase you can save 10%. Any Visa card--that's it. A 10% coupon is hugely rare for Overstock--when I talked to a customer service rep at Overstock to ask a question even they hadn't heard of the coupon. So anyone who has been looking at Overstock's bbags, chloes, pradas between now and October, 10% can amount to a serious chunk of change! The maximum savings is $500 which is generous because the last time I saw an Overstock 10% coupon a year or two ago they capped the savings at $100. You'd have to spend $5,000 to hit the $500 maximum. LOL, that won't be me!

    I know there is at least one TPFer who got a fake Chloe a while back. I got the sense from reading the other threads on this forum that Overstock came down on their suppliers. A number of TPFers have been posting getting authentic bags of late. My beef with Overstock is that they base their discounts as a % of MSRP and sometimes they get the MSRP wrong. But I was able to get a Bottega Veneta that was 45% off its true MSRP plus 10% with the coupon.

    There's no coupon code. You just have to access Overstock from a link on the Visa page. Click Redeem Offer on the bottom of the Visa site page. (If you click on Discounts on the upper right you can see other merchants. I had no idea some of these existed!) When the Overstock site launches in a new window, it splashes right on the home page that you have 10% off. Woo hoo!
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  3. Thank you so much! There are some fantastic deals on that site - I'm off to shoebuy.com...
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  5. Wow-great link-thanks for posting! It's been added to my favorites as I'm sure that new offers are added all the time!:tup:
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  8. I never knew that Visa had pages of discounts on its site. And I thought I was a savvy shopper. I also didn't know about dealmine. Now they are both bookmarked!
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