Rare: '04 White With Silver City :-)))

  1. Wow, this bag is beautiful!!! Someone's going to score a gorgeous bag here!!
  2. Oooh this is yummy!!
  3. I love the silver hardware on the white!
  4. Good luck powderpuff!
  5. LOVE the Rose..........but never owned a twiggy, I wonder if I'd like that style??
  6. OMG the rose twiggy is TDF!!!! it's making me come sooooo close to absolutely busting my bank account! if i didn't already have my pale pink and bubblegum i'd snap it up in an instant!

  7. Good luck with your sales Powder.:heart: Twiggy is gorgeous, some one should grab it.:yes:
  8. urgh, i changed my mind and tried to BO but she won't accept bidders from other countries
  9. Good luck Powder. I bought her Calcaire City yesterday and I am so excited! :yahoo: I wish that I could buy them all!
  10. goodluck powder :flowers:
  11. Thank you girls! This one pained me to list.:crybaby: I hestitated several times, then counted all of my white bags and decided this would pay some towards the Le Dix that is up for auction or some of the other colors that I want to add. I will NOT be disappointed if this one diesn't sell, that's for sure. Hoping my turquoise will arrive today or tomorrow. :smile: Pebbled flat brass should be here Sat. or Momday. I will post pictures of the bags when they arrive. Deana and I will do a joint thread and post turquoise bags. I am so happy :yahoo: she finally got her dream bag!! :yahoo:
  12. OMG! thanks god i can't ever use white bags or i'll be drop dead with debt :p