Raquel's Lv Collection

  1. Here's my updated LV Collection:

  2. OMG look at all those LV's. I think I am in heaven.
  3. wow great collection. i'm also a big fan of mono
  4. they are all so beautiful Raquel!! congrats!
  5. Beautiful collection, thanks for sharing!
  6. Love!!!
  7. Oh Raquel, what a beautiful LV Collection! I so enjoyed looking at them. They are gorgeous....:yes:
  8. Not too shabby! :drool:
  9. Great mono collection!!!
  10. :wtf:my oh my! boooootiful
  11. Great Collection.
  12. Wowww :woohoo: it is amaizing!
  13. Great Collection
  14. wow that is a huge collection! oh and you have the carryall...i love that!
  15. The patina is so light on everything! Sooo pretty!