Rapper Eve

  1. http://music.msn.com/music/article.aspx?news=260259&GT1=7702

    Rapper Eve Arrested After L.A. Car Crash
    Apr 26, 12:22 PM EST

    The Associated Press
    LOS ANGELES -- Rapper-actress Eve was arrested for investigation of driving under the influence after she crashed a Maserati in Hollywood early Thursday.
    The crash occurred about 2:45 a.m. on Hollywood Boulevard, said police Officer Martha Garcia. Eve, whose full name is Eve Jeffers, submitted to testing to determine her blood alcohol level, but the results weren't immediately available, Garcia said.
    Eve was booked on misdemeanor drunken driving and posted $30,000 bail. She is scheduled to return to court May 17.
    A phone message left for her attorney, Matthew Johnson, wasn't immediately returned. Publicist Amanda Silverman said she had no immediate comment.
    Eve broke into hip-hop as a protege of gangsta rap pioneer Dr. Dre. She won a Grammy Award for the single "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" with Gwen Stefani.
    Her screen credits include "XXX," "Barbershop" and its sequel. She also had her own self-titled sitcom on UPN.

    ^What a shame if it really is DUI
  2. That's really a big problem everywhere I see. People don't realize how dangerous dui is. The worst thing is they may hurt not only themselves, but also some innocent people.
  3. You would think with the amount of money celebs have and the amount of bodyguards/ managers/ family/ entourage that they would have a DD. Some people.....
  4. thank God! no one was hurt, these celebrities need to be more careful.
  5. ^^Not just celebrities. I despise ANYONE who drinks and drives. Why not just have a designated driver if you MUST drink like a buffoon and get too drunk to drive??
    These people always end up hurting and killing others and they NEVER--almost never get hurt themselves!

    In her case I'm glad she wasn't hurt but really..this is getting tacky..all these celebs drinking and driving...particularly these young women. It's sickening! Why can't they drink at their own homes and stay in?? Party at your own house. I always wonder that when I hear stories like this!
  6. People still dont get it !! Dont Drink And Drive !!!!.
  7. Is she Pregnant???

    Leaving Trump Soho in NYC


  8. Clearly she's not just a Ruff Ryder, she's a Ruff Driver!

    In all seriousness though, that's ridiculous...these celebs need to be responsible and use all their money to hire a driver for the night or take a taxi.

  9. hummm...she does look thicker in the face but who knows.
  10. she does.

    that hairstyle... not flattering for her. cute givenchy bag tho.
  11. Out in NYC

  12. Not pregnant
  13. Wendy Williams said she was pregent a few months back. She prob already had the baby
  14. We need to change the title of this thread!
  15. She was on the Breakfast Club. She said she is not pregnant but maybe one day.

    Her bf is a billionaire. She lives in London.