Rapp and Posavek still around?

  1. A few years a go, I saw bags from Rapp and Posavek on some indie designer sites - www.mightyflirt.com (sadly, closed now) and virginthreads (now called www.starsandinfinitedarkeness.com), loved the design, but grad student me couldn't afford them.

    A year and a half ago, something made me do an eBay search, and I found one, a small, hand held dark purple satchel with silver studs on the straps and a suede lining, that I had been eyeing at full price. I got it, love it, carried it all last winter. I've been bitten by the Hayden Harnett bug now, but still really like R&P. However, they seem to be gone - in fact, the eBay auction seemed to be from a closeout or warehouse sale - and I was wondering if anyone had any information on them.

  2. Their online shop is still around -- http://www.rappandposavek.com/shop/index.html -- and I saw the Ainsley being sold at Anthropologie a couple seasons ago.

    I have 3 R&P bags, and I love them all. In fact, I'm using a white one today. My fav is a fabulous metallic blue that I didn't buy the first time around but miraculously found on eBay.
  3. I had the impression that they were discontinuing their line based on the e-mails they sent out some time ago. I have their Elise bag in Antique Gold and it's beautiful to look at, but a little dubious in quality -- one of the rivets came out of the bag very quickly.

  4. Thank you both. I clicked on the website link, and it looks like every bag is listed as sold out, which supports the idea that they have closed up shop. A shame, as they had good design. The tops popped off of two of the studs on my bag, and I had been hoping to send it to them for repair (paying, of course, since I originally purchased on ebay). Ah, well! HH it is!
  5. I lucked into a Rapp and Posavek today at a resale store... it's this season's hot Oxblood color and is the handheld clutch with studs that I believe was described above... any idea of value?