Rapists throw chemicals on girl 'to destroy DNA'

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  1. I am absolutely horrified at this news report - what is this world coming too? The number of viscous crimes being committed by young people is growing at an alarming rate because our legal systems are too lenient with them.

    I can't believe that the young girl is fighting for her life and the mongrel they want to talk to is unable to talk because he claimed he swallowed a coin......oh puleeze the poor little petal :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Rapists throw chemicals on girl 'to destroy DNA'

    Wednesday Jan 16 12:00 AEDT
    By ninemsn staff

    A schoolgirl was gang raped and then doused in chemicals to destroy DNA evidence, in an attack that English police described as "the most horrific thing imaginable".

    The 16-year-old was beaten and raped in an empty house in Tottenham, North London, by five youths last Wednesday, The Sun reports.

    After taking turns sexually assaulting her, the gang poured caustic soda over her body.
    [​IMG]She was left fighting for her life with horrendous burns from the drain-cleaning chemical and is now sedated in a stable condition in a London burns unit.

    "After they had finished raping her, the gang poured caustic soda over the girl to try and get rid of DNA evidence," a detective told The Sun.

    "It was the most horrific thing imaginable and the girl sustained serious burns ... this is about as low as it gets."

    A policewoman living next door heard the victim's cries, and treated her until paramedics arrived.

    A 17-year-old has reportedly been arrested over the savage attack, but is yet to be interviewed because he was taken to hospital after claiming to have swallowed a 10p coin.

    Police are appealing for further information.
  2. Absolutely horrifying! I wish the legal system was a "do unto others" system, so we could see these b*stards in court being drenched in chemical at the same time a broom is being shoved up their behinds!
  3. I am great believer in harsh punishments for offenders and I also support the death penalty as long as scum like these guys die slowly and painfully.
  4. ^ They should be used for scientific experiments... vivisection would be nice.
  5. I think they should get the coin out...by whatever means neccessary...:cursing::hysteric:
  6. Jesus. This makes me sick. Physically sick. Since when does swallowing a coin impede your ability to talk? Toddlers do it all the time and doctors just wait for it to come out the other end.

    UGH regardless, even if he was in a huge amount of pain, they should string him up - no excuses! How can they allow him this respite?! He and his mates deserve to be tortured :cursing::bagslap:
  7. Makes me nauseous
  8. this made me sick. i can't even being to imagine the pain this poor girl went thru.
  9. Does England have a death penalty? Naww, that's too good for these beasts.

    And yeah, swallowing a ten pence coin does NOT impede someone's ability to talk. If he couldn't talk because if it, he also couldn't breathe, and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

    I hope they find all five of them (cut the coin swallower a deal, give him 20 years instead of life to name names!) and give them the harshest punishment they allow for this kind of crime. I hope they charge them with attempted murder.
  10. I don't even know what to say. :sIt's too horrible and just straight out weird. They must've been on something. Something really really strong.
  11. that poor girl will NEVER be the same again.

    as for those bastards, I hope they never see daylight again
  12. What is wrong with teenagers these days...
  13. people always say it's the parents fault or upbringing but being a mom I can def tell you that if my kids ever end up that way, it's def not my fault. My kids are spoiled, not only with things but also with love...........so if they turn out evil, it's not my doing.

    Those boys need to be caught and tried for their crimes as adults, not kids not only for rape but for attempted murder and attempt to cover up a crime.
  14. Kids these days are worse than children in my generation, and just looking at society overall and from a global perspective, it's easy to see why. They're exposed to so much more violence through their games and that nonsense, they see glorification of criminals on the news. Harsh punishments aren't enough to deter them in most cases. And the parents are largely to blame, for not having instilled in them proper values such as care, compassion, self respect, and respect of others. Parents are also largely to blame for the lack of supervision and the lack of structure that creates little criminals like those who put cats in microwaves, rape old ladies, and do awful crimes such as the one referenced in this post. Believe me, kids don't come out of the womb desiring to do trifling crap like that. I blame it by and large on their upbringing. If you teach your child right from wrong starting at an early age; if you see warning signs in your children (because really, I doubt if any kid wakes up one day and says, "I'm gonna go rape and chemically burn someone" without having previously and progressively shown a pattern towards delinquent behavior that the parents SHOULD pick up on if they are having proper parental action with their child) and deal with them at that point in time or turn them over to the proper authorities to be dealt with, a LOT less of this kind of nonsense would happen. Parents need to go back to parenting, and take more responsibility for and monitor their children accordingly. I bet if they started being more strict with the parents of these little sh*ts when crimes like these are committed, such throwing the parents behind bars, giving them fines, or allowing them to be prosecuted in criminal court due to the negligence that frequently (I'm not saying ALL the time) results in their kids acting like psychopaths, the message would get around and parents with younger children will understand that they need to take some sort of responsibility for the ubringing, shaping, and moral character of their children!

    Acts like this really repulse me to no end, and if that were MY daughter you best believe I'd attempt to prosecute AND slap a civil suit on everyone involved, from the little wastes of human flesh who did it to their parents and their PARENT'S parents!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Death. Sentence. Tried as adults. Like it said in the quote, this is pretty much the lowest of the low.

    I remember an episode of Oprah where, I think it was her busdriver, beat a girl and poured acid on her face. which was pretty much melted away. I can't think of anything more horrific. How could they DO that?!