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  1. i miss our chatterbox home. so maybe we can start anew!

    i am feeling v embarrassed right now, i had BIN-ed a pair of tortoise VPs and i ended up having insufficient funds and not realising it. talk about humiliating. i was feeling super guilty anyway so in some ways it is good. but i still feel bad and it doesn't really solve my insufficient funds. that's what happens when you double all your bill repayments but still buy shoes! since i have no intentions of buying any more CLs for at least a little while i'm good. but i still feel bad about the eBay thing. i never meant to jerk the seller around, i'd never knowingly enter into a transaction i cannot complete...i just look like a b*tch or an idiot...or both! i dunno.:sad:
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  3. i dunno. maybe it's silly...but i don't feel comfortable talking about how i unintentionally bought something i couldn't afford on eBay!
  4. I agree with the comfortableness (so not a word I know) of the other thread.

    Thanks for this one, and thanks for including me! I know I am newer to your chat thread, but I do enjoy chatting with you lovely ladies!

    Sara I hate the insufficient feeling. I transfered money into my bank account the other day, but did it a few hours too late and got charged $210 in fees. I talked to one of the ladies at the branch and she kindly reversed half of them for me, but I was so mad that I didn't do it in time!

    Oh and by the way, no one ever properly introduced me to Raul.
  5. We probably have a thousand lurkers watching our chat anyway (because we're soooo interesting:p).

    what did I do with the pic of Raul? I'm at work so i dont have it on this computer...
  6. bah. well it was upsetting because they are a tpf-er and a known reseller but they kind of assumed that i just BIN-ed without checking my finances and even though that's true i really didn't do it to mess with them or ruin their weekend or make them miss out on money from someone who could've actually bought the shoes. i want them! i didn't MEAN to not be able to afford them!! :sad:(((
  7. This is a side bar but which tpf-ers are also resellers? I know rodeodrive is but are there more?
  8. I know the feeling, sara! Glad that you started a new thread! Ok, so you emailed the seller and let then know? I'm sure they know that it's not intentional.

    Here's my situation ... I BIN'ed an item when cashback was still at 30%, but didn't know that I needed to complete the transaction thru Paypal within the hour. So now ... I can't afford the item at full price or whatever tiny percentage cashback is stuck at. So I want to offer to handle the listing fee for the seller? Is that reasonable? I feel so bad, but had never used the cashback before and was completely confused.
  9. i did and we mutually cancelled the transaction but i just feel bad. i already felt awful about it which was why i contacted the seller to inform them instead of just waiting for it to end because of insufficient funds. i was trying to be responsible about it! i know they were just trying to send me a friendly reminder that people who use eBay to sell things have lives outside of ebay and can't wait around for buyers to figure their junk out...but it doesn't mean i don't already feel terrible! i wasn't trying to abuse the system!

    surly that sounds reasonable to me!!!
  10. Aww Sara that sucks. Is the seller/tpfer willing to wait until payday?

    Surly that majorly sucks! :sad: That is a nice offer, maybe the seller will accept and not leave neg feedback.
  11. well that's not really the point. i have to spend my extra money next paycheck on my visa so it's just not possible. i just feel bad! but i'm also glad i couldn't pay for them because the guilt was just eating me up!!!!

    surly why dn't you see if the seller will agree to cancel the transaction? then if you agree they get their fees back!
  12. thanks, all.

    sara - I will see if the seller is willing to cancel the transaction. thanks for the suggestion. I do feel really bad, but clearly I need to join the cclo thread and stay off of eBay for a while! I was mesmerized by the 30% cashback, and had no idea that I needed to check out immediately to qualify. Ugh. Lesson learned.

    babypie - I would like to avoid negative feedback as I sell on eBay occasionally.

    I'll let you all know how it works out. Wish me luck!

    and sara I have to say again, that those lizard VPs are gorgeous. I love them more than the python! they just look so rich and lush. Can't wait to see pics of your No Barres! I'm so glad that you have them. Yay!!!
  13. Sara & Surly, so sorry about your issues with the shoes. Surly, don't feel bad about the cashback thing because I am still trying to figure it all out.
  14. thanks for letting me in on the new thread, ladies.

    Sara, you are doing the right thing. I totally understand about getting in over your head -I've come oh so close. I wouldn't feel guilty-sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. The seller would rather not get stuck for the payment by your being upfront about it, than having an issue later.

    Be back later!
  15. Hey girls... I PM'ed swanky asking her to close the other thread and open a new one... I feel kinda uncomfy with all the girls going through our thread...