1. Are we doing it? :nuts:
  2. what is it exactly?
  3. Randon Acts of Kindness... we each get a secret TPF buddy and send her gifts thru the mail for a certain amount of time. It can be anything from charms to giftcards. Just something cute!

    Sounds like fun!
  4. What it is:
    This program is similar to a "secret santa" gift exchange. You will be randomly assigned a buddy who you can send small gifts to this Spring, through the postal mail. You can search for threads posted by your buddy to get an idea of what they may like. You can send cards, sweets, trinkets, magazines, books, cosmetics, goodies, etc., anything you think would be fun to brighten his/her day! You can decorate the packages/envelopes using LV themes. The goal is to perform a "random act of kindness" for another person!

    I copied this from sweet Stefania from the LV forum. I hope she dosen't mind.
    It seems like alot of fun! And I would love it if we had one here. MJ:heart:
    It would be nice if every forum had one..but here especially :yes: So c'mon girls and boys, let's see how many that's intrested!
  5. I noticed other forums are doing this. Seems like fun! The only concern I have is that some people get one small thing and others may get a whole lot more.

    I haven't read the rules, if there are any, but if no one minds, I'm in!
    I love giving, more than receiving and if it will brighten up someone's day, it will make mine!
    But I do wish for it to be more equal...
  6. ^ Hence random acts... you never know who you'll get, and what they'll give. I don't think people should participate unless they know they can contribute.

    Vlad posted a sticky at the top of the forum regarding RAOKs.
  7. I love giving too! We could all set up some kind of limit so that no1 feels that they gave to much or to little. That way it will be nice for every1 :yes:
  8. And we can always set up the rules together. Any suggestions? This is gonna be so much fun! :p Makes me want to go out shopping RIGHT NOW!

    But how do you guys feel, would you like to do this only 1 month, let's say April or from maybe March-June? Or April-June? Anyway..I can't wait.
  9. Everyone should check out some of the other forums. A lot of them have this going on. Generally, most forums have a price limit. Nothing big. 50 bucks is more than enough over a certain period of time.

    Also someone responsible has to be in charge of the names and whatnot. Please know that there may always be some shady person that doesn't remember to send you out something and you have to be prepared for that. So please read Vlad's sticky before doing any RAOK.
  10. Thanks for the tip elong. Are you in? :graucho:
  11. I'm not sure. I have to think about it. I'm already in 1 RAOK already and Chanel RAOK is about to start. It depends on if some of my girls decide to participate, then I might do it. I need to talk to them first.
  12. Does any1 feel like being the one being responsible for this? I can do it otherwise. But I would just like to know :smile:
  13. I'd love to participate! If no one else volunteers to organize this I would be glad to do it.
  14. Oh Melly that would be lovely :yahoo:
  15. Is there anyone else that would like to participate?