1. Any1 setting up a ROAK in this lovely forum? :yahoo:
  2. Hi Bay!

    May I ask what a RAOK is? I'm horrible when it comes to knowing urban/commonplace terms and abreviations :shame:

    Thank you very much in advance!!!
  3. thats Random acts of kindness i know gals from other subforums started it ...i think its sending each other gifts surprises by post ...:confused1: :yes:
  4. I would be down for that. :smile:
  5. OH!!!!! (thanks Nat!)

    Sounds like an amazing idea! I'm not too sure how to do this without publicly telling everyone in the world where we live (imagine if perverts or creepy people check this forum out too), but I like the idea!

    What types of gifts are usually given? (I may not be able to afford much at the moment until I graduate).
  6. MayDay, why don't you check out some of the other forums and see their RAOK? It's basically where each person gets a name and you send them a gift. Nothing big. Just a little something to say you're thinking of them. Generally there is a price range in some forums. Others don't have one.
  7. oooh oooh me me! i'd love to join, i wouldn't mind helping to coordinate things too since i guess i'm not a freaky internet creepo (i think :p).
  8. Only one person would have to to know all of the addresses and then the buddy that would get assigned. Elongreach has mentioned elfster and secretsanta.com and it is really easy!
  9. I think you should have one in every forum. Would be nice if some1 wants to set this up for all the Dior girls out there :yes:
  10. would love 2 be a part of it ..
  11. so ladies, is everyone in? i wouldn't mind setting up the dior RAOK. ;) i think it'd be pretty fun.

    we got to decide on what sort of budget we're looking at too. i know the chanel one has a budget of $25-$50 for a period of 3 months i think.
  12. So funny :yes:
  13. I think this will be fun! Do you think we should wait a few months untill the other forums are done, so it gives other people a chance to join? I'm already in the LV one, but I will join this too.
  14. I can be the organizer and set eveything up, that is if you lovely ladies/guys don't mind.