RAOK suggestions!

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  1. I have never done a RAOK before. I have heard about them in other subforums and always wondered what it would be like to take part in one.

    Im wondering what kind of stuff you ladies are thinking about buying, and if you might have any suggestions for me?

    :yes:Any suggestions are appreciated! TIA:heart:
  2. I have also no idea yet.. why not making wishlists? Think it would be easier for us... hehe
  3. I'm hoping whoever I'm paired with makes a wishlist with suggestions! This will be my first raok as well, so it'll be interesting!
  4. We have a mix of international TFPers so i would suggest we get something with local flavour if our buddy is from other country? More unique and interesting this way..
  5. :tup::tup:
  6. I have just put up a small wishlist to make things easier for my buddy.
  7. Great ideas ladies. If everyone adds a few small goodies they may like (chocolate, stickers, lotion, etc..) it would help your buddy out I am certain and it may make things easier as far as idea wise.
  8. How do these kind of things sound for possible ideas?

    Purse charms
    Gift certificates
    Handmade arts & crafts (I.e. beaded jewelery, a personalized journal)
    Key chains
    Cute cosmetic/pencil/accessory pouches
    Purse-related accessories in general

    Im sure I will think of a few more things...

    What do you guys think?

    Also, is $25 is the minimum or the maximum?
  9. Those are all great ideas and would be perfect for gifts:tup:
    The $25 is the max. Just try to stay close to the budget and it will be fine.
  10. Please post some ideas guys. Gung has some great ones so let's add to the list and also feel free to add things or hobbies you like.
  11. Purse Organizers
    Purse Holders
    Home Spa Stuff
    Lip Glosses
    Cute Picture Frames
    Mini Jewellery Cases
  12. Also does it have to be one gift per month or can be a few mini gifts every month?
  13. You can either send one gift or a bunch of smaller ones as long as you stay close to the budget.
  14. I think food related items would be fun, especially for the international buddies, I like seeing food from other countries. Or for the domestic TPFs, a small box of fancy chocolate/cookies/candy can still stay under the budget.

    Other cute accessories, scarves, headbands.
    Scented soaps, candles.
    Purse hook.
  15. ^^ But recieving Food items in some countries may be a problem!