RAOK Reveal!

  1. Okay, ladies, I'll start. I got my first RAOK gift today -- a Starbuck's gift card. I love it! I don't always splurge at Starbuck's (too busy spending $ on bags:p ) so this is great.

  2. holy! that was quick!!!

    love the gift Tammy! I'm the same way, I've only buy Starbucks if I really need it! what a thoughful giftgiver :love:
  3. Oh YAY!!! I was hoping somebody would get something soon to start!:party:
  4. yum yum!
  5. Very nice. Don't you just love this?
  6. Awesome! I love starbucks! I get mine free when my sister in law is working there!:yahoo:
  7. Great gift!
  8. Yeah for you! Love starbucks, enjoy
  9. Enjoy it...
  10. wow Tammy, ur ROAK pal is quick!hehe
    enjoy it then:smile:
  11. I know....
    buddy... i havent forgotten about you. I have been busy this week. But your goodies are coming....
  12. ^lol!
  13. I am in the same boat. I'm so sorry!! :noggin:

    Please know that you're always on my mind and you will get your surprises soon... :happydance:
  14. Wow that's quick! I should send mine out soon too then!
  15. Hi girls! I got my RAOK presie today, from a most artistic, clever, chic PFer....she addressed the black envelope in silver, drew CCs that were perfect in proportion and even had the overlapping, and the return addy said:
    123 LBD Way *
    The Ritz, #1
    Paris, FR

    *I think the LBD may stand for "Little Black Dress" which as you all know, i'm sure, is one of the many things Coco made famous

    Whoever you are, my PF Chanel sis, thank you sooo much and I am pinning the adorable envelope up on my office bulletin board now!! :heart:

    Ohhhhhhh it was a Starbucks gift card which i want and need! there are 2 Starbucks in the mall where i work..i shall put it in my Naked Tote so people think i have even better taste than i do!! :yahoo: