RAOK reveal...........(sticky please)

  1. Ok toki raok buddies...........please post here when you get your packages. Remember DON'T open them! Just post pics so that I know you got them. Also if you get an ecard or whatever, please post so your buddy knows you got it.

    And also remember to PM me the tracking info once you send the package.

    Since the reveal date is so far away, it might be nice if you did send your buddy an ecard, postcard or regular card in snail mail so they know they def have a buddy!

    **MOD - Please sticky this!
  2. i'm so happy right now! :]!!!! i just got home from a LOOOONG day of work.. checked my email.. and saw that my SS buddy sent me an e-card! :yahoo: YAY!

    *to whoever is my SS buddy, thank you so much! it really did make my day! (or night! hehe)
  3. remember gals...........use my email addy I put IN the body of your buddy email to send ecards.............thanks!
  4. And a special thanks to my RAOK SS. I received a lovely e-card this morning when I woke up and logged into my email. What a pleasant start to this Sunday!:wlae::tender::yahoo:

    THANK YOU!!:flowers:
  5. So do we reveal who we are to our partner when we send the email? Also..this may be a dumb question but what does ROAK stand for?
  6. I got an ecard from my SS buddy the other day at work - but my stupid work computer didnt have Flash player cuz they refuse to give us new computers - so I had to wait till I got home... and it was adorable! :smile: yay! (thanks, whoever you are!)
  7. I meant to say what does Raok stand for
  8. RAOK = Random Act Of Kindness.

  9. thanks!:tup:
  10. and no you don't reveal who you are. IF you are sending an ecard, where it asks for your name, just put in something like secret sister or toki buddy or something like that. Then when it asks for your email, put in the one I gave you guys to use.
  11. ahh.. i just put in a non-descript email that i use for business purposes, so as to not really give anything away.
  12. *cough*, the tracking...it would say what state youre sending it from eh? HAHAHAHA.
  13. Yeah, I thought about that too. Oh well. Especially for those of us in states less represented in the forum. But I can't think of a way around that one. I definitely don't want to send without any return address and USPS requires it anyway when you put insurance and/or delivery confirmation on it.

    Maybe we just all agree to not look at the return address when we get the package.
  14. If you want, I have a PO Box return address everyone can use..........PM me for it and I'll give it to ya.
  15. Ehhh, I guess it doesn't make much of a difference...whatevs lol.

    But no, I meant that the tracking will show where it got mailed from.