raok question

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  1. Hi all,
    For the Raok Can you Please Post your frist and Last names on ELFSTER because in order to mail things out you need peoples names at least here in Vegas the post office really give you problems if you do not have the frist and last names
  2. Ok, I just changed mine!! DONE
  3. yep, can do!
  4. If you don't want to put your first and last name on elfster, you do not have to. Kallison will give you your person's contact info if they don't have it there already.
  5. ^yup! i'd be glad to just forward you contact info.

    oh, and i think i've responded to everyone who was missing addresses/last names/etc. if i missed somebody, please email me again!
  6. i did not know where else to post this and i did not want to start a new thread over something kinda stupid..but i was on the coach website ordering something for myself and my ROAK person and when I went to check out it said there was something wrong with my card and to try again well it still charged my CC and I have not recieved a comfromation number or email?? should i call customer service???
  7. ^^ I would. I'd want to know that my order was placed since the card has been charged.

    I'm so excited to see everyone's goodies once they start arriving! This was a great idea and a lot of fun already!
  8. Call CS and let them know. It's probably just pending on your CC at this point. This happens sometimes. I would as the CSR to allow you to conference them in to your bank and show that the transaction is pending on your account and see if the representative for coach can do an authorization release. Otherwise it would probably take about 2-4 business days for the pending authorization to fall off your account.