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  1. Hi Ladies. I got a little Valentine's Day gift from my buddy so I figured it was time to start this thread.
  2. So, I have to say. My buddy is so sweet! This was so unexpected and literally brought tears to my eyes. I haven't been at work much the past 2 weeks because I have a ton of vacation days I need to use up. This was the best surprise when I walked in and found a package on my desk.

    The red wrapping was perfect. So was the little heart sticker on the envelope. Then the card. Handmade! WOW, it looks professional. I wish I was artistic or musical, but I have only ever been good at sports, so this is AMAZING. I can't believe you drew the shoes yourself! Then I open it up and find the cutest socks (that I will have on my feet tomorrow), delicious chocolate (that I will eat too much of), and this cute mini flower pot that I can't wait to bring home and do with DD.

    Thank you for making my day!

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  3. One more...

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  4. OMG!! I love this!! The shoes are so inspired and inspiring!!! I knew that we have the sweetest gals in this subforum!!! Jap, you did good!!

    Thank you for creating the thread!! :flowers:
  5. That's an amazing card! It's so thoughtful
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    japskivt, your V-day presents are so cute!!! Any idea about who your buddy is?

    Anyway, I'm so bad at decorating/wrapping, too so you're not alone!
  7. So cute jap!!!
  8. Aw... I love it. so generous and thoughtful!
  9. I love the card.:love:
  10. What a lovely card and cute socks!!!! Jap I am the same way - not good at all when it comes to that creative, crafty stuff. Give me a sport any day of the week!! :biggrin:
  11. How wonderful!!!! You have a creative buddy!
  12. Gorgeous and very thoughtful!
  13. What amazing (and such perfect penmanship). Such a sweet and thoughtful gesture. You have quit a talented buddy Jap.
  14. That is super cute and romantic :love:
  15. jap, your buddy is so talented, creative and thoughtful!