~~RAOK Buddy Draw is One Week Away~~

  1. One week from today is Buddy Assignment Day! If you want to participate please read the requirements and P.M. me!!

  2. Yay!! Can't wait- hopefully we have alot of participants this round

    Voodoo- I know your avatar says Go Stars...but RedWings are my team!

  3. Booooooooooo :p

    Yer boys just got done beating the crap out of us on Sat.... it was painful to watch... for me anyway!

  4. Yay Wings!!!! My hometown boys!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. Voodoo, I will be sending you a pm but I am going to respectfully withdraw my request to participate in RAOK this round. I have a lot going on and I don't want to chance that I won't be able to fulfill things on time with interviewing and possibly moving during this plus DH is going in for surgery (back East- it's a long story but he has to go there to do this). I would like to offer up to help out administratively if you all need any backup.
  6. Voodoo.... i PM'ed you. please check

  7. Woo Hoo! DH loves the Red Wings and we usually go to the Dallas game (we live in Lousiana-no hockey for miles!) as a Christmas, Valentine, etc gift. Not this year though...

    Voodoo- I have a Modano jersey if it makes you feel better....super cute!

  8. Only 5 days away. YAY!
  9. Awe, I would LOVE to participate, but I don't meet the post criteria :sad:, maybe next time around!!! :smile:
  10. is there a good number of people that signed up???
  11. Not quite as many as I'd hoped....but enough for us to have a lot of reveals!!!:tup:
  12. I would LOVE to participate!!! How do I do that?

    ******Nevermind...I just read the requirement!******
  13. I really thought more people would have signed up. Oh well- for those of us that did, it will be fun!
  14. I've always wanted to do this. I tought you needed to buy something coach before I saw all the RAOK's pictures from last year. Now that I've seen the rules will do this next time for sure, I am sure it is so much fun.