RAOK at a café

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  1. I just wanted to share a RAOK at a café with everyone.

    As I sometimes would feel dizzy when I'm standing or when I stand up too fast, I thought nothing of it. Recently I was at a café and I suddenly started feeling dizzy again when I was ordering my drink and before I knew it... I black out. When I regained consciousness, I was lying on a couch with the manager and staff surrounding me. They were nice to clear a corner of the cafe for me to rest. I felt OK and wanted to leave but I still remember I ordered a drink prior to the black out and I wanted to pay for it first. The manager refused my payment and offered me a hot chocolate and a sandwich - at her insistence. She sat with me and chat while I ate the sandwich. She wanted to send me back but I declined the offer so she took my cell # before escorting me to get a cab. She even asked me to call her when I get home safely and I did.

    I went back to the café a few days later but she had already taken a few days off and will only be back today. So, today, I made some chocolate chip cookies (she mentioned she likes it in our last conversation) and a small "Thank You" card for her. She was happy and surprised to see me. I said I just wanted to thank her personally. I don't know why but I felt happy after leaving the café.

    My doctor told me to quickly find a place to sit if I feel dizzy again and not to feel embarrassed telling someone about it especially when I'm out alone. I guess I have to overcome that fear.
  2. OMG That is SO sweet! Both on the staff and on your part!!! :love:

    And wow this is so weird... it's actually been happening to me all week :s Feeling dizzy and rushing to the closest café/store to buy smoething to drink... thank god I haven't blacked out!!

    But still, it's good to know that people still react and take care of people they don't know :girlsigh: Oh and by the way, it's nothing to be ashamed of, it's SO not your fault :flowers:
  3. its so nice to here that some people still have manners. hope your ok. the people in the coffee shop sound so sweet.
  4. What a great story! That store manager sounds like she really cares about her customers.
  5. Aw, that is very sweet! There are good people out there after all.

    Make sure you look into that dizziness problem!
  6. Wow, that is wonderful!! How sweet of them! Thanks for sharing this story. And I hope you are feeling better!
  7. Thanks. I hope you're alright? If you feel dizzy again, slow down a little.

    I'm always afraid to tell strangers that I feel dizzy but I really need to overcome that now.

    She's really sweet and kind. These days most people don't give a damn. I head of stories where people would stand there and watch. So I really appreciate what she did for me and that's why I went back to thank her.
  8. I'm OK except that I don't know when it will hit me (again) :shrugs: and that freaks me out. But I'm listening to my doctor's advice - sit ASAP when it happens again and ask for help. The manager is really nice and thank god she was around when I passed out that day. Well, there are people who still cares. There's still hope in this world. :smile:
  9. Yeah, I know whenever I feel dizzy I just sit and have juice. Still no idea what's causing this, but I had blood tests yesterday and I should find out Monday or Tuesday.

    Any reason why you get dizzy or is it just random?? :shrugs: And don't worry about telling strangers, it's better having people know in case something happens :flowers:

    and I agree, these days people are so jaded... sigh. Well I guess I can't talk I'm jaded too sometimes but still... I think people should care more... :push:
  10. aww... great story, nice to know there are still nice people around.
  11. How sweet is that!
  12. That is too sweet!

    I was having some dizzy spells this week too....but they seem to have disappeared! Maybe some weird bug going around!
  13. Its great to hear that there are still some kind people out there. Im sure she really appreciated you going back with cookies and a card, that was very nice of you!
  14. Very nice story!! Very considerate workers at that cafe!! You should always give them your business! That was very kind of them to take the time to make sure a stranger was feeling better.
  15. That was very very sweet of the both of you! I hope you get to feeling better soon :heart: