RAOK Answer

  1. Thanks to everyone, especially the member up there in Alaska, for answering this question. Now the three of us know and we will be sure to practice RAOK to everyone we meet today in DC as well as to all the helpful Hermes purse blog members.
  2. Hi and welcome susanvon
  3. Hi, please forgive my ignorance, but what is RAOK ?
  4. Hi raz! Raz RAOK stands for Random (R) acts (A) of (O) Kindness (K). Here on this forum there is a RAOK thread set up which is based on a 'secret santa' model. Members sign up and are assigned secret recipients which will be their RAOK recipient for a period of time (this time 3 months). Secret packages containing treats are sent to the RAOK. It's a fun way of sharing happiness.

    There is a thread where the gifts and eventual reveals are posted.
  5. Gosh, thanks Rose. I had no idea thats what it meant!!!
    It sounds great fun, wow, who would have thought it?
  6. I think it's a great thing to do too....wish I'd seen the thread to participate...maybe next time:girlsigh:
  7. I just want to know which Senator...probably my neighbor since I can't think of all that many senators who own Hermes and are running for President. :p
    At any rate, I'm highly entertained that this phrase, RAOK, caused such a stir the last few days! Whoda thunk it??
  8. ^^maybe the senator will join the PF!!!!
  9. ^^ Lol cb
  10. since the love of H begun years ago, i have always wanted to own some shares of Hermes International!

    ...yippy! shareholder ... soon I will become !:yahoo:
  11. I started the Randoms Acts of Kindness on another board a few years back and thought it would be a great thing to bring to the Hermes Board. From here it spread on to the other brand forums on TPF.
    So the HERMES Board was the originator of the RAOK program. :heart:
  12. ^^Japster is the shizz, too.
  13. She's smoking hot, also,:graucho:!

  14. LOL. I didn't know it meant either! :smile:
  15. Now there will be a three day long confusion as to what "The Shizz" is. :roflmfao: