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Jun 23, 2007
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Purse Forum,
I have recently been reading some inflammatory and mean-spirited know-it-all postings from so-called experts and lovers of quality and fine things. Granted, we all look to the forum for research, information, sharing of holy grail findings and general well-intentioned advice. Mother always said it best, "if you can't say something nice, then don't say it at all." Many people hide behind internet identities and live a life they don't have; live vicariously through a persona that is untrue and have little qualms about spewing vile comments. This forum used to be a safe and friendly place to just hang out and make new friends. To automatically believe the words of someone who is living in a dream world is sheer naivete. Bags are personal and important fashion accessories to some; status symbols to others, wannabe celebrity followers who will probably never be able to own a bag that some of us can purchase a few times a year.
Granted, quality issues are tangible and real. The prices that are charged for handbags are absolutely obscene, yet we buy them, brag about them, photograph them and then return them to stores.
There is so much more to this community than just handbags. We have friends, both physical and cyber friends. We come here to get some support from members, some share successes, happiness, and loss. But there are a lot of lonely people in the world who enjoy nothing more than starting an argument or fueling the flames of an off topic rant.
Perhaps my comments are harsh, but reading through some of the posts over the past few weeks, it bothers me that people who come to the forum for a safe place to finally say that they have their dream bag or maybe question the quality of the products we are purchasing. Well, there is no pride in most craftsmanship anymore. Just look at your kitchen appliances, cars, clothing, bags, etc.
Sorry to ramble on, but this had to be said and I had to get it off my chest. I'm pretty sure the moderators will probably close this thread because it's not really on topic. I hope some of you have a chance to read it and remember that you must take everything you see on the internet with a grain of salt.


Jan 12, 2006
Sorry you're unhappy. . . this isn't a Chanel specific topic so you're right, I need to close it.
Please PM any of us if you see anything questionable.
Not open for further replies.