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  1. Rant…

    Bbags are so limited, by the time I decide on a color and style, I can’t find them anywhere. On the rare occasions where I’ve found one I like, the price is so high that I can’t justify it. Often, I feel like I have to settle or buy something that is not “exactly” what I want and then having to suffer the humiliation of returning it. Also, with all the gorgeous finds everyone is posting, I can only sit and drool thinking how lucky…

    It is just so frigging frustrating!!!!!

    Classic example, I wanted a Marine City in a brighter shade but had no luck, so I settled for a Marine Work. When I got it home and compared it to my Black PT, the color is just too similar… so now I want to return it. I hate the looks I get when returning something. Argh :cursing:

    Am I the only one with Bbag issues :crybaby:
  2. No me too, in the start of the season when the bags are readily available, I cant decide. By the time I decide like lets say the current situation, I finally decided as of start of this May.......can't find a thing! Well of three I am looking for I did find an acqua GH brief, but not the two days I am looking for. It happens everytime and I can never seem to decide earlier in the season. I think part of the problem is even if you are right there at a Balenciaga shop, they dont ave everything in every color so you cant decide because you wonder what so and so bag what look like in this other color that they dont have but say NM in another state does....I find it very difficult unless I can see everything, to decide.

    I thought it was just me who had this problem.
  3. Aw, I totally know what you mean! Seeing all of these wonderfully perfect colored and textured bags can make one crazy (in a good way). But you have to remember that active PF'ers who post their photos....well, we are only 1% of many Bbag lovers who purchase the bags. That means there are millions out there who aren't OCD about the color, shape, texture, size, etc.

    We are OCD....that's why we are on here! hehe. But to answer your question, yes, I totally understand! I have returned bags for the same reason you listed.
  4. No, no... this happens to me as well!!

    It always seems that as soon as I settle, alot of times the bag I was looking for pops up as well!! I've also experienced getting bags (Indigo & Ink) that I thought I was going to love the color of, but IRL I just couldn't get the color to work - or it just wasn't quite what I was going for...

    I :heart: my Blueberry Mini-b, but I was originally looking for a Blueberry City... couldn't find one, so I "settled" for a Marine City & Blueberry Mini-b.... while I probably wouldn't change a thing, its frustrating - because as soon as I purchased both of those, a blueberry city popped up one eBay!!! :Push:

    I can't justify having two bags in blueberry though.... even though its soooo pretty!! (I really wanted to get that blueberry twiggy that was still at Saks, but thank goodness - I think a PFer finally got that!!)

    So, I think I'm going to set my sights on looking for some blueberry accessories... to tide over my additional need for more of that lovely color!! :smile:
  5. Oh, girlycharlie, you are so not alone. Don't you think we're all pretty obsessive about this stuff? I think that's why we like talking to each other -- because we understand each other. My husband thinks I'm totally around the bend, and my friends wouldn't know a Balenciaga from a banana, so I only have you guys. No worries, you have lots of company here!
  6. I think all of us can identify with this. Especially if you are hunting for your HG. BTW Daphne said they have a Marine cities w/ rh @ Balny right now.
  7. I feel you:yes: ... I hate returning bags as well! Out of all the bags I've bought, I've only returned 3 of them and that's because I absolutely had to! Yes, you are not alone, girlycharlie ... that's what tPF is for!;)
  8. You should get blueberry then. Its like a bright navy blue. So gorgeous!

    Its only going to get more frustrating with the introduction of the silver GH, your exact bag color/style/hardware/leather combination that you want will become even harder to find as stores inventorys will be split between the three different hardware choices.

    I think that's why Bbags get such good resale value, though. Because they are hard to find. I only wish I had a retailer near me. It would really help me make better decisions regarding colors and styles.
  9. I totally know what you mean. I returned 2 bags yesterday to my local NM - one I had ordered from the San Diego NM and turned out to just not be me, and the other was a Chloe I felt pressured into during private night two weeks ago. My problem is that I let the SAs pressure me into something, only to have major buyer's remorse later. I have to be strong and just not buy them to begin with. And yes, I feel horrible when I return things.
  10. bohomamma, lordguinny, Bags4Bubbles, Kathy K, Shasta, asl_bebes, circuit, and luvmygirls0 :flowers: Thank you for your support, suggestions and just being there. I feel like less of a freak now. The mere thought of the embarrassment when returning something just puts me in such a funk :sad:

    There are 2 NM near me, one carries Bbags (where I purchased my Marine Work) and the other doesn’t. Just to avoid seeing my SA, do you think the other NM will let me return a brand that they don’t carry?
  11. Ugh... I don't know. I probably would on one hand... but on the other good sense always tells me that allowing people to return things they aren't going to use is part of their job description... Of course, once you get in there and they are giving you the 5th degree of why it didn't work, etc... I always start to feel bad - even though I know I shouldn't!!

    Sometimes I literally get so nervous, that I start to have physical symptoms of being nervous!! I think to myself - This is crazy!!! I don't know why it makes me feel that way though... It shouldn't be something that is embarassing or ackward?? But for some reason, alot of times - it is!!! :cursing:

    Oh! Also, girlycharlie - I replied in the other thread, but I don't know if you saw it... My Marine is really dark as well, almost deepest navy or black when carried inside - it just photographs alot lighter, so it does sound like you're looking for a different color altogether... If they have a problem with it, I would just tell them the color doesn't work out for what you want!!

    And yes, I believe that NM should accept a bag back that was sold there, even if they weren't the ones you got it from/carry it?? But I could be wrong??
  12. Bags4Bubbles you're so right, Marine looks lighter in the sun. I've seen pic of lighter ones too. So chances are I want a lighter blue. Not FB lighter/brighter but maybe a true navy or lighter navy.

    I’m really anxious about returns… I feel like I’m having a break down. Palms are sweating and just can’t get myself out the door. DH thinks I’m crazy for feeling this way since I’m a grown woman. Why o why do I feel this way?

    I really need to know if the other NM will accept the return. If they turn me away, I’m not sure if I have the guts to go back to the original NM. Waaaaaahhhh :crybaby:
  13. GirlyCharlie, I am fairly certain that any NM will take back your purchase.

    My NM in Stanford always has a secret stash of bbags from returns. The closest place that sells bbags around here is NM in the City.

    If you are uncomfortably facing the same SA, take it the other place. However, a word of caution. The alt NM is likely to send it back to the other store any and the original SA will likely know you returned it. So if you intend to go back to the orig SA she will probably know you returned the other one anyway.

    $1k+ is too much to spend on something you aren't 100% in love with. I think the SAs get that.

    Good luck finding the perfect bag!!!
  14. Yes! This happens all the time!

    I can only afford 1 bag at a time, so I really have to choose carefully. I analyze my collection and figure out what I'm "missing" in either color or style. And then I preorder and that's that. I don't keep looking at the color swatches or other peoples' bags -- that would drive me crazy.

    The fact is...even though Bal's colors change every season, the colors ARE fairly similar. So I have an 06 Marron -- a brown. Then 07 Cafe came out...loved it! But I already had a brown bag. Loved 07 Truffle, too, but ditto.

    If I decide I want a particular bag in a particular color and I can't find one in the stores, then I wait for eBay. Honestly...whatever you want will eventually come up on eBay! You just have to be patient, patient, patient.
  15. OH boy! I can relate to what you are talking about in terms of the indecisiveness. (All the style options, color options, etc....)

    However, over the years, i've learned to push back with the rude sales girls and the return process.
    I go prepared with the reason i need to make the return and I don't let them talk me into something else or talk me out of my decision.
    In the very end, it's my decision and it's their policy to allow for returns! They work there to help me out. Not the other way around. Sale or returns.

    THEY have no choice but to allow for the returns. It's when you sound all indecisive that the sale girls think that they can talk you out of the return or talk you into buying other things and doing an exchange etc.....

    Know why you are there and focus on your goal.