Rant & your thoughts - seller blamed me!

  1. I purchased a bag from an auction which ended at a very low price, like 25% of retail price, so it was a steal. I made a mistake of not checking item before leaving a positive fb (usually I do but Murphy's Law happens just the ONE time I don't). A few days later within the same week when cleaning out my closet I noticed bag had a defective strap, the fabric was initially tucked into the leather but when lifted, the fabric separated as shown in the following pic.


    I really wanted this bag, it's sold out in this color, and offered to return bag by signature confirmation or UPS so I definitely know if seller has received it, in exchange for a refund, but my shipping cost is borne by me. Seller responds with a long angry mail this is an excerpt:

    I believe one of few things may have occurred with this situation....either you already had this same style of handbag that was damaged, so you purchased the one from me with the intention of trying to get your money back by claiming I sent you a damaged bag, which is completely untrue or somehow you damaged the handbag while using it and decided to see if you could get a refund for it by claiming it was a defective bag or you decided you didn't like the handbag after trying it out and using it, and knew that buyer's remorse is not a valid reason for PayPal claims, so you decided to damage the bag and then claim that I had misrepresented it.
    The handbag when it was packaged and shipped to you was in excellent condition and I will dispute anything you claim otherwise. That bag is NOT the one you received from me, or if it is the same bag, it is NOT in the condition that it was when it was shipped to you and when you received it, otherwise you would have not left positive feedback for me.

    I do NOT have an identical faulty bag therefore I can't do a swap, and since this bag has a 60 day warranty and it is still valid, seller could at least get it repaired/replaced free of charge from the store he got it as he has the receipt, not me. Yet he refused to do it, saying all sales are final. Now with him trying to incriminate me, makes me think that he intentionally destroyed the bag just prior to shipment because he might have made a big loss. The top stitching on the leather does look deliberately unpicked and cut, otherwise if it was loose it would just hang out or fray.

    Do you think the seller was dishonest and destroyed bag? Are these cases common on eBay? What are my rights and what can I do from here?

  2. I think that just because the seller responded in a very defensive way give me the clue that he knew this all along. Also what type of bag is it? can you post picture of it? Ask the seller for at least the copy of the receipt and try to take it back yourself. File a claim at paypal and save all of the emails.
  3. Did you ask him for a partial refund to pay for the repair? Sometimes you have to meet the seller half way
  4. uggg, definitely another reason why we should all be very prudent prior to leaving feedback. sounds like a nightmare situation for you! definitely see if you can get the seller to at least reimburse you for whatever it might cost to repair the bag. plead nicely and maybe they will go for it...? good luck!
  5. The eBay item is this 220191153797.

    I've asked seller for receipt, not heard anything about it. I'll try doing a paypal claim, but really it's not about the money, it's the dishonesty and refusal to accept responsibility.
  6. Sorry you're going thru this. As a seller I wouldn't take the bag back either. Nor would I give you a partial refund. It's your job to inspect your purchases upon receipt and espeically before leaving any feedback.

    I don't believe that you are trying to switch the bag with a damaged one but I also don't believe that he deliberately destroyed the bag prior to shipping it out to you. Maybe he didn't notice the missing stitches before shipping it. After all, you didn't notice it upon receiving it.

    You got the bag at a "steal". It looks like a really easy and very inexpensive fix. Have it repaired and move on. You have already left feedback. Anyone looking at the circumstances MAY assume at this point that you carried the bag, damaged it and now want to return it.

    Good luck!