RANT: Why do most shoes companies not have a 9.5????

  1. I wear a 9.5 most of the time. Very rarely can I ever size down to wear a 9. I do own a pair of shoes that is an 8.5. I went into Bakers today and found the perfect pair of shoes I needed. I asked for a 9.5, and the SA said, we don't carry 9.5's. I asked for the 9 and the 10. Of course the 9 was too small and the 10 way flopping when I walked. I've even noticed in catalogs, they have half sizes but when you get to 9, it skips to 10. What is the freaking point of carrying all sizes but a 9.5?!?!?!?! :cursing:
  2. This is the shoe I wanted, and what do you know, I just went to their website, and they carry that shoe in a 9.5 :rolleyes:. Looks like I can get it after all, but that still makes me mad.

  3. Woo hoo that's good to hear :biggrin: and yeah I get that problem sometimes.. I'm exactly like you actually :biggrin: