RANT: Why do I look older than my age?

  1. I don't tan, don't smoke, don't drink, don't party. I drink a lot of water, always use sunscreen every single day, eat somewhat healthy, etc...

    Ever since I was younger, people would mistake me for 5 years older than I really am. When I was 16, I looked 21. Now I'm 22 and I could probably pass for 30.

    When I'm dressed casually, I look a bit more my age, but when I dress up in nice, sophisticated clothing I get approached by a lot of older men in their late 20's early 30's (but that's only when I'm not with my friends because they look a lot younger...they're 21/22, but could pass for 16...18). The men approach me thinking that I'm more of their age, but when I speak they're surprised by how young I sound (I have a young-sounding valley girl kind of voice).

    When I go to certain places, I don't get carded (only 50/50). When I was younger and 16 y/o...sometimes places wouldn't even card me. I don't know if they were being nice and lenient or is it really because I look that old? :sad:

    My mom is around 50 and she looks great for her age! My dad looks great too! I don't know what went wrong with my genes lol!
  2. Genetics, and ethnicity.
  3. I think its just the way were born to look like. I look very young for my age, and sometimes I find it annoying that I get carded all the time. Recently I went with my mom to buy a sofa and the sales guy said to her, I've worked here for 18 years and then looked at me, probably longer than how old your daughter is! I chuckled and said I was 21.

    But I think its nice to look mature and sophisticated! Some people say I could pass for 15 which is not cool.
  4. Some people look thier age, some look younger and some older. I dont know how much it has to do with genetics or sunscreen. Its just the way your facial features are put together! I look 16 but i'm 24. It sucks! I get carded at 18 and over places.
  5. My grandma is shocked when I say I'm turning 24 and she tells me I look 15.

    It's okay. I feel ya.
  6. Genetics... my mom is around 50 and she easily could pass for 35. People are surprised that I'm her daughter. They always presume that my mom had me when she was very VERY young.

    I'm Asian...I thought Asian people were supposed to look younger than their age? Most of the Asian girls around here (that are my age) look like they could be even 12 y/o.
  7. I'm very jealous of all of you that are 24 y/o, but look 16!! So jealous!
  8. It also happens to me everytime. People always mistake me for a 24 year old and I'm actually 21. They say I look older and more mature than my age.:sad:
  9. Do you use a lot of makeup? Do you dye your hair? are you wearing very dark colors? are you very tall?

  10. My hair is just naturally black. I don't always wear dark colors...I mix and match my clothes. And yes, I'm very tall!

    But girls at the age of 21 y/o are usually finished growing (height-wise), so I'm not sure height would be a factor.

    I guess high-cheek bones are to blame? I've had them ever since I was a child. I've always wanted those pinchable cheeks...not fair!
  11. I have black hair, and high cheek bones too, but I look like a 14 year old, because they are coming with chubby cheeks.

    Try to keep you hair in a style that "opens" your face (pony tails or half your hair up)

    don't use heavy make up, a little mascara and a dab of lip balm can work wonders. Wear lighter colored tops to brighten your face, and keep the high heels for the special occasions.
  12. I would hate to bring up a very sensitive subject, but how is your weight ?

    I have noticed that carrying extra weight around, really ages people. I saw and worked with a lot of HS kids, girls in particular, that looked a lot older than me ( I'm 23 ) due to them being very overweight.

    I used to look a lot older myself, back a few years ago when I had almost 50 lbs extra sitting on my frame.

  13. Yea I understand how weight can add years to a person. According to my doctor, I'm actually a bit underweight for my height.

    Thats great how you lost 50lbs though. How did you do it? I'm trying to get myself to be in better shape.

    Lily25, thanks for the idea about putting my hair up. I need to find new styles for having an up-do. When I have my hair in a bun it makes me look older though!
  14. Well if you have an angular face and it sounds like you do since you said you have high cheekbones, that can make you look older. Small eyes also can make you look older since babies usually have big wide eyes and that's seen as innocent and smaller eyes as more exotic. I'm 21 and look 15 or 16 and just want to look my age. About the weight thing, being too thin can add years onto your face too.
  15. People think I am that young, they think my Mom is my grandmother. Eventhough my Mom still gets carded every time she tries to use a Senior Citizens (65+) discount.:shrugs: I have somewhat high cheekbones too, so it differs for everyone.