<Rant> Why can't they standardize sizes?

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  1. Ticks me off to no end.

    I have three pairs of jeans shorts (Polo, Hilfiger, Calvin Klein), all the same size and they all fit different! Makes buying on the web a real pain.

  2. The inflation of sizes is a total marketing/business ploy, hence why there is no homogenous sizing across the board, especially in N. America. Old Navy and Gap have inflated their sizes to an extreme level. H&M and Zara [international brands] are MUCH more accurate with their actual sizing. But people would rather believe they're a 2 VS. a 6 or 8...and so the inflation and heterogenous sizing will continue and flourish, because it quite literally capitalizes on people's egos.

    The only way to know your size in any brand is to go and try it on, and then keep buying that size from there on out...and have no doubt you will be an entirely different size in another store! Just the way she goes these days...
  3. What I find even more annoying is that there is no regulation of sizing even within a brand. With all the internet shopping, it really would be nice not to have to return things all the time because the size isn't the size KWIM?
  4. Honestly I think it can't be standardized. I'm a 0/2 but my friend who's also a 0/2 weighs different than me, is 3" taller and has a complete different body type.
  5. I'm glad there are different fittings because without them, most of us would be forced to have all our clothes custom made.
  6. Agreed! It's troublesome that different brands have different sizing but that's just the way it is, each brand targets a different audience. Unless they all hire the same pattern-maker, which is impossible.
  7. An 8 should be an 8 regardless of the brand/label.
  8. Oh I so agree with ALL of this! In European designers I'm a 44 Italian, because I'm very tall. But in US designers, I can do anything from a 4-8, for basically the same exact clothing item.

    I despise vanity sizing, but really, I'm dumbfounded because every celebrity claims they're a 2 these days (I think I read somewhere that Kim K. said she's a 2). I'm about half her size and nowhere near a 2. Is the label on the clothing item really that important?

    I've also seen friends squeeze into smaller sizes just to feel better about themselves, when the article of clothing ends up fitting all wrong. Pencil skirts are not supposed to ride all the way up, and dresses shouldn't require Spanx just to fit in to them...
  9. I read an interview with a celebrity stylist who says she removes the sizes from any samples and "says" they're 2 or 4 to her clients because that's what they want to hear (it's similar to how models have the same stats or actors give certain heights when they're too short or too tall). I agree Kim K is nowhere near a 2, or if she is, it's a way vanity sized 2.

    I think it’s great that different brands cater to different audiences, but at the same time I do think all 2s should have the same general measurements. It’s a little ridiculous that a size “2” can be a 23, 24, 26, or 27 inch waist depending on the brand (or even within a brand, which is extra annoying). I shouldn’t have to track down measurements for every dress I want to buy because I have no idea whether it will fit me.

    A number doesn’t make you look good. Well fitted clothing makes you look good. The fact that 000s now exist just so more women can wear a pretend single digit size is silly.

    I agree European brands are a little more consistent, though I feel in the last year or so vanity sizing has started to creep in there, too. I also find there are inconsistences between Italian and French sizes, even if it’s less pronounced than US to European sizes. For example, I generally wear a French 34 or 36, which is supposed to equate to IT 38 and 40, but in reality I usually wear IT 36 (though occasionally I’ve done IT 34 or IT 38 if I don’t mind a looser cut). Then there are brands like Acne where the French 32s are huge (which I don’t mind in blouses, but sucks for dresses).
  10. I really wish clothes could just be sold by measurements...I agree too, that while European clothing has been more consistent, it's also getting a little out of control. Brands like Marni run very large, while Valentino is extremely small...a Valentino size 10 is like a US size 4.

    The only thing I tend to do is keep a chart handy on how certain designers fit. It's the only thing that helps me, especially if I buy final sale.
  11. How about just standardization within one brand? Chanel is all over the place even in the same season. I agree that measurements are the way to go and some websites actually post them for a garment and that is very helpful.
  12. ^ good point! I bought a Dolce & Gabbana skirt years ago in one size and it was huge, and just got a same style skirt last year and it was super small
  13. I just wish they were sold by measurements. I know that a size 24 is usually always going to fit me, but a size 0 might not depending on the label.
  14. But men's clothing is more consistent in sizing then women's across brands. Why can't women have consistent sizing as well? I find it easier to buy clothing for DH because they are sized by measurements. For pants, they are usually given as WxL and shirts are neck sizes. Some brands even offer slim-fit/relaxed/short/regular/tall fit for shirts, pants and suits. Even some brands include the cm measurements and S, M , L on the tags of shirts.

    Yes, there are some brands or labels within a brand that caters to certain body types but I still find men's clothing better labelled than women's.

  15. It is because men are not good shoppers and won't put up with all this BS and trying things on. When I go shopping with the DH, his limit is reached at 3 pair of pants!