Rant... where is my Coco Cabas??

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  1. I did a BIN on Ebay from RJC for a navy Coco Cabas. It was sent a week ago via UPS ground (I HATE UPS ground- so SLOW!!) Anyway, UPS came yesterday and left a note saying they tried to deliver, but need a signature in person- and that their next attempt will be Monday. HELLO?! What about people who WORK and aren't home during the day? How can UPS not deliver Saturdays- esp. at the holidays? :confused1: I called UPS and they re-routed her to my office- for Tuesday. Grr...... Here she is- isn't she purdy?? :yahoo:

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  2. Very nice!!
  3. Ooh a navy baby! Cute color! Hope you get her soon...
  4. Hi, I'm in a newbie in this chanel forum and just wanna say that your navy cabas is so stunning, congrats! I also just bought my black baby cabas from RJC and it should be here by tuesday! When you recieve yours, post pics so we can all see :smile:
  5. It can be so fustrating waiting for a beautiful bag. I know what you mean, I seem to always miss the UPS person because of work. Anyway, just think it will be in your hands before you know it.
  6. Thanks, girls. I can't wait! :smile:
  7. ooh i hope u get it soon! =) i think waiting is the worst bit... but all too soon she'll be in your hands! remember to share the pics with us =)
  8. ugh, it sucks to wait for a bag longer than you're supposed to!
    at least you'll be getting her soon. a navy cabas sounds great!
  9. Oh I know exactly what you're going through...I'm waiting for my black cabas as well!
    Congrats! That's a beautiful color!!!!
  10. She is very pretty. And UPS ground is really slow. Next time if there is an option go for three day, it's faster and does't cost much more.