rant to my bbag sisters!!!!

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  1. highest bidder on my kahaki accused me of it being a fake. and wrote this...

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hello,
    I was trying to cancel my bid after I questioned authenticity on the name plate. I have 2 BBags from 2004 in the city and the first both purchased from NM in San Francisco and either have the slanted "c" on the name plate. I realize that these were previous eBay purchases for you and 2004 was a big year for counterfeits. Please re-evaluate the bag before re-selling on eBay. Sincerely,***

    I am so fustrated!!! :cursing: the nerve. how dare she!!! I am a weathered tPF member so I know my stuff. And I bought it from a seller who other tPF'ers have also bought from!!! I really think she just had bidder's remorse or something. *^%&&^ bidders. argh!

    thanks girls! :heart:
  2. I think you should post this in the eBay section. I'm sure they will have great advice for you. Good luck!
  3. MODs can you move this please? thanks
  4. buyer's remorse....
  5. Hmm...she said she bought 2004 City and First bags from Neimans? They didn't start carrying Balenciaga until Spring of 2006 (and carrying some Fall 2005 bags).

    Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria/Mclean, VA was one of the FIRST Neiman Marcus to ever carry Balenciaga (there were only 2 at the time)...Tysons Galleria and San Francisco...and they never carried 2004 BAGS!

    So I would let her know that.
  6. Actually, some NM started carrying them in 2005.

    I am so sorry you are having to deal with this, it sure does sound like buyers remorse, you are the last person this should happen to! Hugs!
  7. This is definitely a case of Buyer Remorse! Sorry this happened to you!:sad:
  8. It sounds like buyer's remorse but Neiman's SF carried Balenciaga since at least 2002. I know for certain because I bought three 02 bags there.
  9. Oh this sucks....now you can only try and get your listing fees back from eBay and relist again....sure case of buyer's remorse unless she genuinely didn't know her facts (which I doubt).
  10. Buyer changed their mind. What can you do? sorry!! Good luck if you relist!
  11. Yes buyers remorse & she is looking for a way out. Let her go get your fees back & relist, these people are not worth the time & effort!
  12. buyer e-mailed me today. and she is just the sweetest thing! :smile: she explained how she was just a little cautious due to a counterfeit chanel incident. And i can totally understand. It's so unfortunate that there are so many scammers that we as sellers and buyers must always be on our toes.

    anywho i recently discovered she is also a new tPF'er : Malleysmama. Great lady! so if anyone ever runs by her, give her a welcome!

    thanks girls for all your support!:heart:
  13. Great end to the story! And welcome to you Malleysmama :welcome: . It is so easy to forget that Ebay is a worry on all sides sometimes, so kudos to you two for working this out and showing us all how it should be done!