RANT! thoughtless bbag buyers on eBay

  1. RAWRRRRRR!!! I listed a bag recently and a buyer put in an offer- which I rejected and then 15 minutes later that buyer BIN'd on that bag.

    This all seems normal so far right? Well, then I see I have messages in my box and the buyer apparently took my rejection of her offer in bad form and left me kind of snotty messages- "keep it yourself then". But then the buyer completed BIN. I figured she must have just realized she really wanted it--- but then I get an email "sorry error" and in another the girl is trying to back out of the deal!

    WHO DOES THAT? Who completes BIN (which is a little longer process than just putting a bid) and then backs out? When I BIN it is a big decision- do I know 100% that I want it? because if you BIN it's not like someone else can bid over you in the last few minutes of the auction or something. I'm soo pissed and I had other offers, I was just waiting a whole day to see if I got a good offer in.

    sooo frustrating and it's much more expensive to relist a bbag with a high BIN than starting it low in an auction. I wish everyone was as responsible as they could be on eBay!

    I sort of feel like she was doing it specifically to ruin my day. I was so happy when someone BIN'd b/c I knew I'd be able to get this other bbag I really want.. and now I'm just so pissed! AKK!

    :hysteric: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you. Your bag will sell soon!
  3. aww, that sucks! i'm so sorry. so sad how so many people lack common sense, responsibility and basic human decency. hope your bag will sell soon!
  4. put “Immediate Payment Required” everytime when u list buy it now option!!
  5. This certainly stops those silly buyers & hijacked accounts making purchases but it rules you out of buyers who want to use a payment method other than Paypal
  6. Here is my rant: Buyer wins my bag in the last seconds of the auction, obviously sniping it, which is fine. Immediately after auction ends I get a message 'Oops... tried to cancel the bid through the sniper service but couldn't'. Buyer wants me to offer the bag to the next highest bidder and does offer to pay the difference. I am not willing to do this because it absolutely screams SHILL BIDDING to the buyer who gets the second chance offer! I advise buyer that I would like her to complete the transaction. What would you do? I (of course) have already spent the $$ from this auction on another bag! Not that I don't have the funds to own both and relist but come on, that's not the point! She bought the bag! I am a power seller with lots of positive feedback so there are no authenticity issues to deal with.:cursing:
  7. That sucks girls !!!!!! You NEED to report these people to e bay !:cursing: :cursing:
  8. It's these people who give eBay a bad name! :yucky:

    So soz girls for having these inconsiderate people spoil ya day..

  9. She bought your bag with BIN. So now she needs to complete her end of the deal. She entered into a contract, and I would hold her to it. If she doesn't, then follow the steps that Ebay has set out - I know it is a pain. But no way would I let her back out by just agreeing to let her out of the deal. I know what you mean by being frustrated. It is so aggravating to deal with crazy people. Add that person to your blocked bidder list. PM me and I'll add her to my blocked bidder list too. :smile: :biguns: :yes: LG
  10. She bought the bag - she needs to complete the transaction. She needs to contact the second highest bidder (if that information is even available these days) and see if they want to purchase the bag, or she needs to list the bag herself. It is not your problem. I can't believe she would even have the nerve to ask you to let her out of the deal. Jeez!
  11. I totally agree lovelygarments- but the buyer is flat out saying no and apologizing. I already filed a mutal retraction and demanded that the buyer repay me fees. I am just going to block them. I dont wanna add the immediate payment required because I would rather people pay through other means than paypal actually... Paypal & eBay are really killing me with their fees. it's almost not worth it to go through them anymore.
  12. Sorry to hear that happened to you! I hope you get your ebay fees back. Terrible that this girl is wasting your time, what an immature move on her part.
  13. oh rant....
    i hope u get ur fees back. just fill in a dispute item.
  14. was that your magenta city? I saw the relist. I was curious why you didn't do a second chance offer to the second highest bidder. I guess I don't understand why you think this screams of shill bidding.

    You had a serious potential buyer who had placed a bid on the bag and a legitimate explanation as to why you could send a second chance offer. Isn't that the purpose of the second chance offer feature on ebay? Why do you think offering the bag to the second highest bidder would be perceived as shill bidding?

    (by the way, it's a beautiful bag :smile: )
  15. Wow these sort of buyers suck, sorry to hear. Good luck with your re-list :smile: