rant - stupid usps.

  1. I got my Inferno BV in the mail today and I am extremely happy! I was pleasantly surprised to find the pink ipod devil girl on the side of my bag, above the mesh, aside from on the front!! Double yay. :yahoo:

    But then I get a little redelivery slip also... For my Paradiso BV. WHY?? They delivered ONE box, they could deliver my OTHER box!! There were TWO mail box lockers not being used! They could have easily put the box in one of those if it didn't fit with my other box (but I know it would have because my friend said she sent it in a small flat-rate box!). On top of that, I read what the redelivery slip says... They tried to deliver it on the 9th. BS!!! If they tried to deliver it on the 9th, that's impossible because the post office is closed on Sundays and the slip should have been there from the 9th instead of TODAY, the 11th!! And if they tried to deliver it on the 9th, like the slip says, they should have tried to redeliver yesterday. They are idiots that get overpaid. So now I'm gonna go to the post office today to get my package because I don't want them to lose it or something!! I want my Paradiso BV!!! :cursing:
  2. Maya - I'm sorry about your package. I agree they are idioits at the post office. My mail lady pisses me off all the time. She only brings our packages to our door if she feels like it ... otherwise she just leaves it on top of the boxes outside around the corner from our apt where all the mail boxes are. There aren't even any big mailboxes in our complex like for packages so if she leaves it on top of my mailbox anyone can take it. She even leaves boxes w/delivery confirmation up there. She can confirm she left it ON TOP of the mail box but she can't confirm the person it was sent to got it. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: I get so angry. Not to mention she puts the wrong mail in the wrong boxes and when she does deliver packages to the door she even delivers packages to the wrong door! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: . It's her job to do it right. She's an :censor: !!!
  3. I think all post offices everywhere are stupid....
  4. Yikes. I know what you're talkin about girl...i had that kinda stuff happen to me before, and sometimes they take forever to deliver mail. One guy, I was waiting for my check to come in and since there was construction by my road..he went to the NEXT ROAD first! That sucka shoulda got out and walked to deliver the dang mail! I went and sought him out on the other street and he was on his PHONE telling me I Had to wait til he got there because now my stuff was on the bottom of the pile. That's a CROCK of shietttt lol.

    Anyways, I hope you get your stuff soon O__O I would be pissed if I were you too.
  5. I'll be picking it up today. Thankfully the Makiki Post Office is down the street from where I live. I'm gonna wait until 2 or 3, though, to avoid the lunch rush. And it sucks because I'm sick (which is why I've been on here all day yesterday and today)... I'll be down there, tissue box in one hand and stupid redelivery slip in the other. *lol*
  6. haha, I hope the line isn't too long :smile:
  7. Good luck Maya. Make sure you cough on all the employees in the post office so they get what they deserve :devil: :devil: :devil: I hope you feel better!
  8. I have to join in the rant about the post office. I took the morning off work to wait for a couple packages that the eBay sellers sent with signature confirmation. I HATE HATE HATE:cursing: signature confirmation. It's so worthless. Our post office doesn't even check identity when you sign for something.

    Our mailman delivers mail always (I mean ALWAYS) between 9:30am and 11:00am at the very latest. By 11:30am, the mailman was still nowhere in sight and I had to go to work and of course he showed up after I had left. :push:He also took the other package which had no insurance and no signature confirmation back to the post office as well rather than leaving it on the front porch as they ALWAYS do, which further peeved me because I didn't even have the one bag to enjoy tonight while I wait to pick up the other 2 bags at the PO tomorrow.:crybaby: I stopped at the PO around 4:45pm tonight in hopes I could get them before close today and of course they said the driver had not come back yet.:sad: I asked why the driver did not leave my other package that had no signature confirmation or insurance and they she just shrugged.:shrugs:
    So, not only do I have to wait until tomorrow to go back to the stupid post office to pick the items up, but I wasted 4 hours of PTO this morning for absolutely nothing:hysteric:, except maybe sleeping in until 8am instead of 5:30am--which was not worth 4 hours of vacation time because I didn't even really sleep in because of wanting to be awake when the mailman showed up.

    I hate the post office. :yucky:

    Sorry...I'm done ranting now.:s
  9. At least yours comes in the morning consistent...mine comes between 11AM and 5PM. That totally SUCKS for me. But yeah...once the mailman came at 8AM i was like :wtf: :wtf: Everyone on our street looked like that as well haha.
  10. I just wish it had been consistent today when it mattered. Oh well...
  11. This is why I am going to get a PO box somewhere when I get an apartment, I don't trust the other tenants at all, and I trust the PO even less! My mail-lady now is nice, but who knows who I will get when I move out.
  12. Luckily I have decent neighbors nobody steals packages by me. I also have a nice mail lady now she rings my doorbell whenever I have a package.
  13. Heh, I'm always home so nobody messes with my mail...except that one time...for some odd reason my check was in the bushes. FedEX was supposed to bring that one...they pissed me off. I needed that money! It was in the bushes for a couple days.
  14. In the bushes? WTF? And these people get paid upwards of $60K a year???
  15. OMG I'd freak if my check was hanging in the bushes! :wtf: