Rant - sorry- long

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  1. I am so angry right now :cursing:. I know I might be blowing it out of proportion with my pregnancy hormones and all, but my kids and I just got over a respiratory virus that lasted over 3 weeks. It was very very bad with lots of dr.s apts for all of us and lots of medicine and many sleepless nights. My 3 year old was so sick sometimes he would just cry.

    Well, my DH, as a favor to one of his employees, said we would watch her grandson for about 4 hours because her DIL just got a job. She brought him over about an hour ago and after being here for 5 minutes his nose is running and he has a nasty cough. Neither the grandmother nor the mother said anything and when my DH called grandmother to see if he could take some medicine she said he just went to the doctor and it was just "sinuses". It's not, this cough is nasty and she should have mentioned before he had a runny nose and a cough. I would have told my husband no to watching him. I would never take my kid to someone's house with two small children and a pregnant woman if he was sick. This virus has been going around and if we get sick again.... Sorry, had to rant, my DH thinks I am being crazy but he doesn't know how horrible me and the kids felt, of course he never got sick like the rest of us.
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    just wash your hands lots...or use lots or purell. is he old enough to know to cover his coughs?? if not show him....i have to continue to tell my almost 5 yr old to cough into his inner elbow [they don't touch things with that, and keeps germs down] and try to not let them share toys with him. and when he leaves wipe/spray down everything with lysol.

    and i too would be VERY put out to have to watch someone's sick child without a warning, especially after just getting over the funk! hopefully you guys don't get a nasty bug again! *fingers crossed*
  3. Yes you should see all the sick children in the Children nursery. I try not to do that and keep them home but other people don't care and my children seem to catch a cold once a month.
  4. I have told him to cover his mouth and showed him but he isn't doing it. He is 2 and doesn't talk much and what he does say I don't understand. We have been doing alot of handwashing. I am about to put my 3 year old down for a nap and when he wakes up he will be gone. The mother also didn't know if he had breakfast or not :confused1: and said some days he takes a nap and some days he doesn't. When I put mine down for a nap DH is going to put him on the couch with a cartoon. When my guy was 2 he always took a nap, oh well.
  5. I'm sorry this happened to you. I would be really upset too. If it was a family member it would be different but it's not so I don't think your DH is thinking right. It's only for 4 hours so I would just suck it up and have your kids wash their hands often and just get over it. Maybe he could take a nap for an hour or so! That would help! You're pregnant and don't need the added stress. Just take it easy and relax. 4 hours is not too long!
  6. I would absolutely be pissed! When we had my dd's 1st Bday party 3 weeks ago a mom brought her sick child... I was furious! Of course, DD and I both caught that terrible cold and DD ended up with an ear infection! It is not right that people are so inconsiderate. I would make it clear that you will not be babysitting again for them. I would also say something like "That cough sounds terrible, perhaps you should have it checked again just to be sure." I can't believe how rude people are, and you're pregnant...so it's not like you can just take some Nyquil and feel better if you catch his germs! I am so sorry you have been put thru this! So inconsiderate!!!!!!
  7. I'd be pretty pissed off at my husband for volunteering us for babysitting. I HATE when people think it's ok to take sick kids around other kids. If I were you, I would try to isolate the kid as much as possible and make sure you wash as much as you can. Pregnancy is hard enough without being sick. I have a newborn and I ask everyone who wants to visit if they have been sick or around sick people. I also make EVERYONE wash their hands or use purell when they hold her. I really don't care if that sounds rude, her health is way more important and most people who know me know about my OCD issues anyways.

    BTW I would also mention to your husband that he should not volunter you for babysitting again without consulting you first.
  8. yes, I'd be pretty ticked off myself if I JUST got over a 3 week funk and now you have another sick child in the house!!!!!! Like the other girls said wipe everything down after he leaves and use hand sanitizer. I sure hope you guys don't get sick again!!!!!
  9. Seeing that I don't really appreaciate (LOL, understatement of the year) other people's children -- my DH would be missing a few important pieces of his anatomy if he volunteered me to babysit anybody.

    Your DH was out of line to volunteer you to babysit, and the employee was irresponsible to bring a sick child to a pregnant woman's house.
  10. sorry, I think I wrote is misleading. My DH asked me a couple of nights before if that was ok and I said yes. He would never just volunteer us to do that without asking. So far the kids are OK. I washed and purelled their hands multiple times and used antibacterial wipes on ALL the toys they played with (which was alot)
  11. I am so sorry. I too would be pissed if someone brought a sick child to my house. They should have found someone else to watch him.

    Fingers crossed that NONE of you get sick!
  12. I'd be seriously mad. Keep us updated.
  13. i'm kinda shocked a mom would leave a 2 yr old with their mother's co-worker. essentially leaving a 2 yr old with strangers. and he was sick to boot. crazy!
  14. I understand your frustration, but I have had an awful cough with runny nose before and it was just sinus drainage. Hopefully he's not sick.
  15. Yeah, me too. They were either desperate or didn't care. As I said she didn't even know if he had breakfast. Uh, who got up with him? Luckily no one got sick. It has been 5 days so I think we are in the clear.